Boo to a Goose

If you visit your local bookstore or any online book store you will see the name Mem Fox repeatedly in the section of children’s books. Mem Fox has become known as one of the leading authors of children’s literature for her many different types of tales. Some tales that she writes are fables and are meant to give a life lesson, while others are just plain silliness, making it simpler for adults to find stories for their children that they will enjoy no matter what type of child they happen to be.

The tale of Boo to a Goose is one of those books that should be listed as silliness. The story is all about a little boy who says that he has at least twelve reasons (perhaps more, as the reader finds out) that he would not say talk to our white feathered friends in this manner. He goes through the story telling all of the things that he would do, including dancing with a pig in a “shining green wig”, and feeding his “pajamas to giant piranhas”. But he continues to say that he wouldn’t say boo to a goose! This leads children and parents to wonder why the character would not try to scare a goose. It is not until the end of the book, however, that we discover why the young boy will not say that word to a goose.

Aside from Fox’s writing, there are two really amazing things about this book. The first is the illustrations. David Miller has used textured paper assembly in order to create the characters from the book, making them look as though they could be taken right off of the page and giving the illustrations a deep dimension to them. And the second thing that is wonderful about Boo to a Goose is that it can be used to further teach children how to enjoy literature. Children can write lines of their own explaining things that they would rather do than saying boo to the webbed creature, which makes it ideal for not only families, but for use in the classroom as well.

Boo to a Goose


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