Big Words for Little People

Picture books hold a certain charm and appeal that other children’s books may not always have. Big Words for Little People by Jamie Lee Curtis and Laura Cornell is one of the most charming, funny, and addictive picture books to come along in recent years.

big words for little people

With great rhythm and rhyme, downright clever and often hilarious illustrations, children are introduced to Big Words for Little People. All of the words that are used are common in the adult world, but may sometimes be confusing in the child’s world. With colorful pictures, imaginative artwork, and creative phases that will be easy to remember and help kids learn the meanings of the words introduced, this is one book that will be fun, as well as have an educational impact.

The words that Jamie Lee Curtis introduces are all important for kids to learn. Making it fun will be the key to helping them learn these words at an even younger age than they would normally. Words such as Persevere, Responsible, Different, Considerate, and Inconsiderate are all included. When kids are able to learn with illustrations that offer them some humor, as well as the reality of life, they will hold onto the new skill longer and easier.

This book will help them do just that. Big Words for Little People will be fun to help them learn, and enable them the opportunity to show off their great vocabulary skills to family and friends. After all, when you are a child it can be a lot of fun to show people the new things you learn.


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