Beatrice Doesn’t Want To

Not all children love to read, which is a problem for many parents, who often find themselves reading to their children while they’re in the bath just to get them to sit still for a story! Laura Numeroff, well known author of the “If You Give A…” ser

ies of books tackles the realistic tale of a child (in this case a dog) who doesn’t like to read and who hates to go to the library in Beatrice Doesn’t Want To.

Beatrice is a girl who wants nothing to do with reading. Unfortunately her older brother, Henry, has to do a report on dinosaurs and needs to go to the library in order to do it. Of course Beatrice doesn’t want to go. She pouts but Henry makes her go. The report winds up taking three days to finish, and every day Henry tries to find something at the library that Beatrice will enjoy doing. But every time he finds something he thinks she’ll find as fun, she makes sure that he knows that she is not enjoying herself. The title character acts like a very pesky little sister through most of the tale, which doesn’t make it easy for Henry to get his report done.

On the third day Henry finds out that the librarian will be doing story hour and reading a picture books. Our hero does not want to listen to the story but Henry eventually makes her. What surprises her is that the girl in the story the librarian read is just like her! Because of this story, The title character learns to enjoy reading and the library.

This tale teaches the importance of finding the right story for the right child, as not all children enjoy reading the same types of things. It also helps kids to see that there is a children’s book out there that they’ll enjoy, and that the library is a magical place

where so many things can happen. Of course children who enjoy this book

will likely enjoy all of Numeroff’s other endeavors, making for tons of enjoyable reading time for parents and children.

Beatrice Doesn’t Want To


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