Bear Stays Up for Christmas

Don’t be too surprised if this becomes an instant favorite in the house. Karma Wilson and Jane Chapman have created several stories featuring Bear and all his friends, and this time his friends are doing everything they can to make sure the title character gets to experience the holiday just like everyone else. A fun children’s book for the whole family.

Our friend usually hibernates during winter. But thanks to hibernating, he always misses out on the biggest day of the year. Well, his friends aren’t going to let him do that this year! Badger, Crow, Mole, Rabbit, Wren, Gopher, and Mole see to it that the title character doesn’t fall asleep. They have him carry a tree, bake delicious cakes, sing holiday songs, and even hang stockings. They do everything they can so that our big friend stays awake, and he soon realizes that this holiday is an amazing time, and when all his friends fall asleep, he plans a little surprise of his own.

Bear Stays Up for Christmas is a truly enjoyable story. Children will love the illustrations by Jane Chapman, the bright colors, the little animals, and all the fun things that they do. He looks so fluffy and fun! It’s hard not to fall in love with this big guy and all his pals. This is just one of many in the series featuring the title character and company, so it should come as no surprise if children ask to have the other books as well to accompany this one. That way they can enjoy Bear and his friends all year long.

Karma Wilson presents the story in fun rhymes that kids will quickly learn, though they may still prefer parents to read to them while they sit back in bed and dream of having holiday parties in cozy caves with big furry bears and badgers and birds. Available in hardcover, it will last for many years—or at least until kids wear it out from love and use. A good book for kids ages 3-6 (though it can be read to or by children older), it’s one that will come out every winter with a cup of cocoa and excited smiles.

Bear Stays Up for Christmas


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