Audrey Wood and her husband, Don, and son, Bruce, have been making children’s books for years. They range from educational to completely whimsical. No matter what the subject matter though, kids find their work entertaining. Plenty of laughs, smiles, and entranced looks make their appearances when these stories are opened and the pages are revealed. For parents looking for a completely fantastical tale, look no further than the pages of this particular book.

Jessica and Matthew are brother and sister, but they do not agree on everything. Both of them have balloons, and when Matthew lets his go, Jessica isn’t sure what he’s thinking. Matthew explains that all balloons go to Balloonia Land to live happily. Jessica doesn’t believe that sort of silliness at all. But that night, after she falls asleep, she suddenly turns into a balloon version of herself and takes a journey to the mystical Balloonia with her balloon. She sees that it is everything Matthew believed it to be, a world full of balloons – the houses, trees, and even roads are nothing but brilliantly colored balloons!

Jessica wants to stay there, but the balloons tell her she can’t. In fact, if she doesn’t go home, she’ll lose her air and shrivel up! She doesn’t believe them and instead decides she ought to be Queen of the entire land! But when she does start to shrivel up, she floats all the way back to her bed and later wakes up to tell Matthew that he was right all along!

The illustrations that go along with Balloonia are rather interesting with a certain childlike or cartoony quality to them that can easily appeal to young readers. Meant for children ages 3 to 8, it is an interesting story with a fussy main character who eventually sees her mistakes, and a strange yet amazing fantasy land filled with balloons. The idea of a balloon world can be quite appealing to kids, and equally fun to imagine. Parents can read the story aloud or kids can learn to read the book themselves, as the simple story allows for easy reading.


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