Bailey Goes Camping

Though most readers recognize Kevin Henkes’s name because of his memorable mouse characters such as Lilly, Owen, and Julius, they can

still appreciate his work on other childrens books. His storytelling is always heartwarming and ends happily while his illustrations are skilled and contain a pleasant style that kids always enjoy looking at. So prepare to join Henkes in another sweet tale about one little bunny.

In Bailey Goes Camping, one rabbit named Bailey is the youngest of three. When his older siblings are set to go on a camping trip with the Bunny Scouts, he wants to go too. However, because he’s young, he can’t. His older brother Bruce tells him that he is too little, and his older sister Betty kindly says that perhaps next year he will be able to go with them. The poor little bunny is disheartened that he’s too young to go with, but his parents come up with a fun idea.

Mama and Papa decide that he can go camping – in the house! With a little ingenuity, they create a tent using a blanket and a string. Now he can camp and read books and use a flashlight and everything! Happy that he can (almost) be just like his big brother and big sister, he falls asleep in his tent, snug and cozy.

A very sweet tale by Kevin Henkes, with equally sweet pictures. Readers may very well be able to relate to Bailey Goes Camping, especially kids who have older siblings and cannot do all the things their siblings can do. That feeling of being left out is well addressed and may give kids some ideas of what they can do in such situations.

Readers won’t be able to hold back an “Aww” when they see Bailey sitting on his ground, sad that he can’t go, his little bunny ears drooping down. Henkes’s illustrations are always a delight and he keeps the bunnies looking as bunny-like as possible, from their fluffy tails to their little hopping feet. Ideal for ages 2 to 6, Bailey Goes Camping can make for a great bedtime story.

Bailey Goes Camping

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