Baby, I Love You

Books about love and acceptance are a favorite of infants and young children. They love to hear the words over and over and to see pictures that illustrate the sentiment. It’s a concept that can’t be repeated often enough to kids.

Baby, I Love You is the follow up to Baby Cakes. It’s a board book that talks about all the things that parents love about their baby. A cute stuffed dog is part of the action. Each page is written with sweet prose that drives home the message repeatedly. This book is bound to be a classic that kids will enjoy flipping through on their own.

Baby, I Love You was created by the team of Karma Wilson and Sam Williams. The two are pros at creating books that kids love to look at. They are each accomplished on their own, and together they produced the delightful Baby Cakes. This companion book will continue the message. The familiar theme will instantly draw children in. Each author is a master at creating childrens books that kids love.

When building a library for your baby, every parent needs to include books about love and caring. They want to start their children off with a sense of self-esteem. It’s important to teach kids from an early age what makes them special and unique. Books like Baby, I Love You do just that. They begin to teach kids about their uniqueness and how each part of them is special in its own way.

Parents want kids to know how much they are loved. While that is almost impossible to express, books like this one help. It details the things that parents want to say and shows them visually what love is all about. The use of the dog in the book helps explain how they can love others as well. This story will make the perfect bedtime book that can be read over and over. Your little one will never get tired of hearing the story. Parents will feel content and happy as they relate the story to their children.

Baby, I Love You


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