Babushka’s Mother Goose

When young children need fun books to read, Patricia Polacco is an author that many instinctively flock to. For over twenty years she has given kids picture books to read and adore, with her whimsical stories and skilled illustrations. Polacco has won several awards and has written dozens of books that sit on shelves in kids’ rooms throughout the country. Well-known for weaving her own history and culture into her books, here you will find yet another enjoyable tale (or rather, several) that give kids a little something different. Babushka’s Mother

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Goose is not like any other Mother Goose storybook out

there. Polacco puts together she remembered and knew from the time when she was a child and her own Babushka told them to her. Using her grandmother’s Russian culture, interesting stories and unique words find their way into this book, filling the pages with 24 different stories and rhymes that kids will have a blast trying to say. Polaccco shares with her readers a bit of her past with interesting names and places, from “The Train to Ivanovo” to phrases like, “Klootchka Plootchka count your little toes.” online pfizer viagra Even adults will end up smiling as they attempt to say a few of Polacco’s more complex phrases. What also makes Babushka’s Mother Goose a lot of fun is, of course, Polacco’s illustrations. People wear traditional Russian clothing, complete with all the details, from little flowers to ruffles to diamond patterns. Colors are rich, and Polacco makes excellent use of her favorite mediums; pencil and gouache. Animals dance about in some stories, while in others lovely landscapes sit in the background for the characters. There is so much going on, kids will be entertained for a while as they read the occasionally tongue-twisting stories and rhymes, and gaze at all of Polacco’s carefully crafted drawings. For kids ages 3 to 7, this title can make for a great addition to a child’s bookshelf. Set it right in with the rest of the nursery rhymes, but do not be too surprised if you find yourself pulling this one out to read more often than the others!

Babushka’s Mother Goose

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