Babushka Baba Yaga

Patricia Polacco often writes stories with themes such as families and love, different cultures coming together beautifully, and outsiders finding a way in. Everyone lives happily ever after, and they are always accompanied by Polacco’s detailed and colorful illustrations that delight children over and over. Her

children’s books are well known throughout the literary world, and have become favorites with kids of many ages, cultures, and creeds. Babushka Baba Yaga is normally – in Russian culture – a witch who does the unthinkable. She eats children! However, Polacco’s version of Baba Yaga is much different. Instead, she’s just an old woman

who lives in the woods. She is sad and lonely. She wishes she had a grandchild to love, just like all the other grandmothers in the village. So one day she steals some old clothes and disguises herself. A mother in the village asks her to watch her young son Victor while she does some errands. The old witch is delighted to have a chance at playing with a child and enjoying herself, for once not being sad and lonely. But when Babuskha Baba Yaga hears the other grandmothers talking badly about the witch who lives in the woods, and decides that perhaps it would be best if she left Victor alone before he finds out her real identity. However, everything changes when she rescues him from a hungry pack of wolves, and she earns both the respect of the other people of the village and their acceptance so that she no longer has to be alone. Babushka Baba Yaga is heartwarming story that takes a bit of folklore and turns it on its head. An outsider finds her way in and a young boy gets a grandmother, and the whole town rejoices because the boy is saved. All is well in the world of Polacco’s story, and of course it is made even better by her rich pencil, marker, and watercolor illustrations. She infuses each picture with intricate details that make it almost as though kids could touch the pictures and feel the textures on the page. A solid story with a happy ending – one that’s sure to become a cialis and canada custom favorite.

Babushka Baba Yaga

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