Appelemando’s Dreams

Well known for her delightful books, Patricia Polacco has created dozens of titles for kids to read and enjoy. These are the sort of stories that will stick with kids long after they have grown up, and potentially lead them to search out these very same stories when they have children of their own. From tales that originate from true stories to myths and whimsy, Polacco fills each and everyone with lovely illustrations of her own making.

Appelemando’s Dreams is one of the latter types of stories. Patricia Polacco delivers a magical tale about a drab, dreary town and a young boy who dreams beautiful dreams. But the townsfolk do not quite approve of all the amazing dreams that Appelemando has, but his friends think it is fantastic. Even more wondrous is that they can see everything he dreams! In fact, the bright colors, shapes, and images actually adhere themselves to things that are wet. Wow!

Except one rainy day, everything is wet! The dreams get everywhere – on storefronts and houses and all over! viagra online 50 mgs So he and Americans making under 400% of the federal poverty level may be able to obtain free or low-cost health from their State’s Health Insurance Marketplace. his friends run away out of fear of what the townspeople might do. But in doing so they become lost in the forest. All seems lost…until they are saved by what else but the fantastic dreams of their friend!

A children’s book that shows the beauty and wonder of dreams, as well as their power, Patricia Polacco paints a unique vision where dreams really do come alive and what happens when people do not approve of such things. Her pencil details and watercolors come together to create a mystical array of colors and objects, all of which make for a stark contrast against the dull colors of the town; grays and blacks face off with brilliant blues and rich reds. Kids ages 6 and up will appreciate all the fun and revel in how a child’s dreams are able to change everything in the town, including the adults!

Imagination gets to run wild here, and with a positive outcome. Polacco’s story is sure to inspire other readers to use their imaginations and to always follow their dreams.

Appelemando’s Dreams

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