Andrew’s Loose Tooth

Every child will feel for Andrew in Andrew’s Loose Tooth. Andrew takes a bite of order generic cialis an apple, and his tooth begins to hurt. Both his mom and dad try to comfort Andrew and reassure him that all he has is a loose tooth. Dad tries to pull it out, but can’t and suggests another apple might make the tooth fall out. This makes matters worse! What is to be done? Who can help find a solution to this problem?

A dentist who makes house calls is summoned. He ties a rope to Andrew’s tooth and ties the other end to his car. Hilarity ensues as the dentist drives away, reaches the end of the rope, and his car falls apart. But still the tooth remains in Andrew’s mouth. Can anyone help Andrew? Losing a tooth may be traumatic for some young children, while others seem to take it in stride. It can be greatly affected by previous experiences or stories they hear from others. When a book such as this one comes along, it can offer kids a different perspective, and a humorous scenario, which may help allay their fears.

When the Tooth Fairy is called to the scene, and arrives on a motorcycle, things get even sillier! When even she fails at extracting the tooth, Andrew’s best friend has an idea. A pepper shaker and a sneeze clear up Andrew’s problem. You just don’t know sometimes what trick it will take to get a loose tooth out of your mouth.

Andrew’s Loose Tooth is one of those children’s books that reaches children on their level. Loose teeth are a real matter of concern for the children who will read this book. Stories involving the Tooth Fairy are always popular with young readers, of course. Younger students will enjoy having this story read to them while older ones will giggle at the way Andrew’s problem is solved.

Andrew’s Loose Tooth showcases Munsch’s greatest talent. He has a unique genius for knowing what is important to children and what will capture their attention. Solutions are always unexpected and that adds to the fascination readers have with Munsch.

Andrew’s Loose Tooth


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