And to Think That I Saw It On Mulberry Street

Every great author has to have a start somewhere, including Dr. Seuss. This wonderful author of childrens books didn’t start out writing The Cat in the Hat, but instead began in a much more simple way. Children who open up And To Think That I saw It On Mulberry Street expecting the classic Dr. Seuss big rhymes and made up words will be shocked and amazed, because this book, his first, is much more simple and toned down than the books that we’re used to from this magnificent children’s author.

And To Think That I saw It On Mulberry Street is a book all about a small boy named Marco who takes a walk to school and goes down Mulberry Street on his way there. His father tells him to keep his eye open to see what he sees, and thanks to Marco’s (and Dr. Seuss’s) wonderful imagination, he sees all sorts of amazing things that no one has ever seen before. His father, however, tries to tell him to see what is actually there, instead of imagining what isn’t there.

Marco, however, realizes that by imagining things he’s much happier, and so And To Think That I saw It On Mulberry Street teaches children that imagining things can be a great way to feel better about yourself, and about the world, and to also help to prevent them from getting bored all the time!

and to think i saw it on mulberry street

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