An Orange for Frankie

Whoever thought oranges could be so exciting? Patricia Polacco knows what something as simple as an orange on Christmas Eve can mean. Known for bringing families across the country heartwarming stories of friends and family, Patricia Polacco’s chil

dren’s books have been around for years. A prolific writer and skilled illustrator, this is yet another title that will bring a smile to readers’ faces and the comfort of getting a happy ending. An Orange for Frankie features Frankie, a young boy awaiting the return of his father. Pa went off to Lansing and has promised to return with oranges for everyone.

Frankie, his Ma, and his eight siblings wait eagerly for the sweet, delicious treats, but Pa still hasn’t come. The family busies themselves with Christmas preparations. Baking, decorating, and feeding the hobos that ride the train that passes by their house. With so many things to do, it helps take their mind off Pa, but not forever! A blizzard is whipping around and interfering

with Pa’s progress. When Christmas Eve looms, Frankie and his family wonder – will Pa make it in time? Though parents and kids alike will probably be able to guess the outcome

of An Orange for Frankie, it still doesn’t do way with the tension that builds throughout the book. Still, kids will enjoy all the preparations the family makes, all the bright decorations and the delicious foods These can easily hamper applications for new . they make, and the warm looks they get from the men on the train when the family delivers the food. Polacco’s pencil-and-watercolor illustrations give the book a magical kind of vibrancy, with the oranges bright and colorful and all the intricate details from the popcorn on the tree to the shades in Frankie’s hair. An Orange for Frankie is a delightful tale that is great to cozy up with by the fire on a cold winter night. Great for

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ages 5 and up, kids will marvel at how selfless Frankie is and how something as simple as an orange can bring a family such joy. It will make kids want to give parents a few extra hugs before bedtime, glad that there isn’t a blizzard separating them on Christmas Eve.

An Orange for Frankie

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