All Things Bright and Beautiful

All Things Bright and Beautiful is a well known hymn that has been brought to life in this delightful childrens book. The title alone brings the song to mind and makes anyone who is familiar with it want to sing. This is a book that could be sung at night to help a child prepare to go to sleep. The song is all about God’s creation, and it’s retold here with a pair of children and their puppy as they explore the newness of spring.

This interpretation of the popular hymn brings together all of God’s creation to teach young children about the wonders of God. From land and sea animals to children of the world, this book has it all. What better way to teach children about creation than through vibrant pictures and a cute story.

Author Cecil F. Alexander created the hymn that is the foundation for this book. All Things Bright and Beautiful recalls the mysteries and wonders of creation as it rhymes and creates a scene. It brings to mind nature, animals and, a realization that all things come from God. Illustrated by Ashley Bryan, the scenes are made of paper collages that were hand cut by Bryan using his mother’s scissors. He is an award-winning illustrator who is well known for his books for children. He is an accomplished artist whose works include puppets, paintings, and sea-glass panels.

All Things Bright and Beautiful is a wonderful, timeless hymn that will become a foundation for your child’s faith. This book is meant for 2-5 year olds and will start their learning about God. What a great gift for a Sunday school or Parochial teacher. It makes the concept of God and nature easy to understand and relatable to small children. Whenever they hear the tune, their memory of the book will kick in, and it will be a story and concept that they will carry with them for a lifetime.

The combination of the hymn and the beautiful illustrations make this a classic book for any Christian child’s collection. Parents can sing the hymn as they show the pictures to their children. It’s bound to become a bedtime favorite.

All Things Bright and Beautiful


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