All in a Day

Adults and children alike are often moving at a hectic pace. The demands of daily life require them to move from school or work to other activities at a break neck speed. Often missing are the quiet moments between parent and children when the simple activities of the day can be reflected upon. This poetic picture book will beckon its reader to slow down and enjoy the moment.

The poetic text is minimal but conveys a world of meaning as the daily activities of a young farm boy are shared. Seemingly mundane tasks turn into special moments between the young farm boy and his parents. Each share a quiet moment with their child in the midst of an ordinary day on the farm.

Often the only thing a reader can expect from a children’s book is to simply be entertained or to have a good laugh. All in a Day offers not just enjoyment but a quieter message as well. Children and parents may enjoy the book for different reasons. Young children will marvel at the things the young boy gets to do on the farm. Parents, grandparents and caregivers will find deeper meaning in the poem. It may cause them to reflect on the how quickly time passes and how precious time with loved ones is.

The illustrations are clean and visually simple. Black paper cut-outs created by illustrator Nikki McClure stand out against alternating pastel colored backgrounds and reflect the work of a master. They leave the reader with a feeling of nostalgia. Additional color isn’t needed to enjoy the detail of the work. The text and illustrations complement one another creating a magical story.

The book will be enjoyed by families and makes a wonderful addition to any child’s picture book library. It would also be a wonderful addition to a school library. The story and illustrations would complement any classroom unit on farming. It reflects a simple and quieter life that children will enjoy learning about and adults will enjoy being reminded. It is a book that will remain a favorite as years go by.

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all in a day


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