Aaron’s Hair

Everyone has had a bad hair day at one time or another. But in Aaron’s Hair, readers find out just how bad a bad hair day can get! Aaron wanted to look like his Daddy, so he grew his hair long. But his problems began when his hair would not behave. If he combed his hair over, it flipped under. If he combed it under, it flipped over. So one day, Aaron gets so angry that he screams, “Hair, I hate you!”

Aaron has hurt his hair’s feelings! So Aaron’s hair jumps off his head and storms off. When Aaron comes downstairs, his mother screams as he is totally bald. Picture your child’s face as he ponders this turn of events! This story will definitely give kids something to think about as they picture a bald Aaron. What this story can also give to children, besides some smiles and laughs, is the understanding that hair is important – all the more reason they should take care of it.

The hair runs amuck and starts terrorizing the town. Aaron runs after it. Everyone seems to be sprouting hair! The baby, the lady in the street, the maniacal man running in circles, the policeman, and the statue in town all sprout tufts of Aaron’s hair. It grows on heads, tummies and behinds. When it finally causes a massive traffic jam, extreme measures must be taken.

Aaron chases his hair down the street but loses its trail. Aaron can’t find his hair, and he soon realizes he misses it. The hair turns out to be hiding on Daddy’s head and jumps over the mashed potatoes to reunite with Aaron. Aaron is happy when his hair returns to its rightful place on top of his head. He will think twice before he is mean to his hair again.

Aaron’s Hair is one of those picture books that is based on pure silliness. Children will be tickled by the outrageous illustrations by Alan and Lea Daniel. There is much predictable repetition and several chances for children to practice numbers. Sure to be a favorite!

Aaron’s Hair


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