A Weekend with Wendell

Mice abound when Kevin Henkes is at the helm! He knows that a well-woven tale with pleasant mice who are just like kids is a sure fire way to delight children in schools, libraries, daycares, and at home. Writing for many years and illustrating all at the same time, his titles line bookstore shelves, awaiting young hands to open them and enjoy the pages within.

It is time for A Weekend with Wendell! Sophie is Wendell’s friend and has invited him over to stay at her house for a while. It should be great fun! Except all the games that he wants to play are not exactly what Sophie had in mind. When they play house, he gets to be not just the dad, but also the mom and the kids, leaving Sophie to be the family dog! When they play bakery, he gets to be the baker, and Sophie has to be content acting out the part of the sweet roll. She thinks maybe things will get better when it is time for bed, but he shines a flashlight in her eyes and keeps her awake. Sophie is not sure what to do about his antics – she thought this would be a fun time – and when he decides to use shaving cream to give Sophie a brand new hairdo, she’s had it!

Sophie comes up with an entirely new game for them to play. Her idea works, and in it she decides he can be fun to play with after all and she doesn’t have to let herself be pushed around into being sweet rolls anymore!

Kevin Henkes’s children’s book shows the value of friendship and how to treat others even as kids will giggle at the two friends and their games. As usual, his pen-and-ink illustrations combined with vibrant watercolors bring this tale to life. The facial expressions on the two mice are oodles of fun, with Sophie less than pleased while her friend skips around without a care in the world. Everything they have is just the right size for their tiny mouse hands, from their beds to their toys, and kids may be able to relate to the scenario that Sophie faces. Great for ages 4 and up.

A Weekend with Wendell

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