A Particular Cow

If you have ever had the pleasure of reading one of Mem Fox’s stories, you will have been introduced to her style of humor. Mem Fox tends to write in a dry humor many times, which can actually be very fun for younger children to listen to and for older children to read. Some of her childrens books are fables and stories which teach lessons to children, while others are just silly little stories which are fun to read. There is one story that she has written about a cow and a Saturday stroll which is sure to induce

giggles in every child who hears it.

The story of A Particular Cow is about a cow who takes a walk every Saturday. This Saturday, however, when she takes her walk she accidentally steps through a clothesline and winds up with a pair of underwear on her head! This is, of course, where most children will quickly start to giggle and laugh. Because the underwear is on her head, she can’t see, and so starts to run around in a panic! Any time you run around in a panic you’re bound to get into some trouble, and this cow definitely does.

She falls into a mailman’s cart and that cart goes whizzing down a hill. As she goes down the hill all of the people whose lives she has disrupted by her panic come chasing after her, including the postman, children, and even some dogs! The cart goes flying down the hill and A Particular Cow goes crashing through a wedding,

off a dock and lands onto a boat. At this time the underwear eventually goes right back to the owner

as it’s picked up by the wind and the cow decides to stay calm. She gets off the boat, get on shore, and goes about finishing up her Saturday walk.

A Particular Cow is a silly story with beautiful illustrations by Terry Denton. It’s a delightful read that will have parents and children giggling and waiting for the chance to read it over again and again every night.

A Particular Cow


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