A Mouse Cookie First Library

If you are a parent you’ve likely heard the name Laura Numeroff before. Laura Numeroff and illustrator Felicia Bond brought the world a wonderful little mouse who started out by asking for a glass of milk, and wound up destroying a house, all over a little cookie. These books have been around for a number of years, but they were always in paper form, which is not good for younger children as they have a tendency to be rough on books. Now, however, these wonderful children’s books are available in board books, which is ideal for younger children.

The A Mouse Cookie First Library collection is really a collection of two books: If You Give a Mouse A Cookie, and If You Take a Mouse to School. The first tale is all about a little mouse who is given a cookie by a young boy. If you have a cookie, of course you’re going to want a glass of milk. But once the mouse gets a glass of milk, he just has to have a straw. And the tale goes on and on as things get sillier and sillier, showing children that everything is connected, and then bringing it all back again to the milk and the cookie.

In the second tale in the A Mouse Cookie First Library collection, the title character is brought to school! He learns all about what is at school and about how to do homework. This is a great book for younger children who are curious about what goes on when their siblings go to school, but isn’t really a great book for older children who are first starting school.

In these two tales, Numeroff and Bond help children and parents to realize that learning about the world around you can be silly and fun, and that is exactly what the mouse is all about! He learns about the buy viagra pills world around him in very silly ways, and in the A Mouse Cookie First Library collection, children can get their first glimpse of the mouse and of what his world is all about.

A Mouse Cookie First Library


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