A Good Day

Though most people, kids especially, recognize Kevin Henkes through his lovable mice characters such as Lilly, Wemberly, and Julius, he has also written and illustrated several titles that feature other creatures and characters as well. All are ready to entertain youngsters in the way that only Kevin Henkes can deliver.

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A Good Day does not actually seem to start out so price of cialis at walgreens good. In fact, everything starts off quite badly for the characters in this cialis generic tale. A small tadalafil citrate yellow bird has lost his favorite tail feather. He is rather sad, and as he searches, he meets can you buy viagra over the counter in australia other animals who have suffered the same problem. A little white dog, a small orange fox, and a young brown squirrel have all had mishaps of their own, and no one is having a sildenafil citrate very pleasant day.

Together, the woodland animals band together and with a little bit of persistence and a little bit of luck, they will find just uk pharmacy viagra what they need, even if it wasn’t what they were looking for in the first place. Together, they will find out how to take a bad day and turn it into A Good Day.

Kevin Henkes puts a sweet story into the hands of young children ages 3 to 6 (though younger kids may enjoy it just as much). It has a sweet message that adults will like and a story that will engage children as the animals search for the things they have lost. The story ends with a happy group of animals, and even a young girl who finds a particular yellow feather and puts it into sildenafil citrate her hair.

Henkes’s children’s books are always a joy to read out loud to kids. Teachers in daycares and parents at home will appreciate the illustrations just as much as the youngsters listening in. With bold colors using watercolor techniques, Henkes paints pictures that bring the animals to life as the bound and fly through the forest on their quest to find the things they’ve lost. Guaranteed to bring smiles to young faces, A Good Day at bedtime will leave everyone feeling pleasant at night.

A Good Day

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