A Birthday for Bear

When we first met Bear, he was grumpy and lived alone. He didn’t like visitors (at least, he felt he was certain he didn’t) and when a little mouse came along and made himself at home, Bear was less than pleased. However, Mouse eventually became his friend and he learned that maybe a visitor was a nice thing after all.

Now, Bonny Becker and illustrator Kady MacDonald Denton are back together to bring children a story about birthdays, bears, mice, and what fun celebrating can be.

It’s Bear’s birthday! However, he’s quite certain he doesn’t like birthdays. Instead, he’s contented to clean his house instead of doing anything festive. But Mouse has other ideas! Mouse loves birthdays, and when he hears that it’s Bear’s birthday, he isn’t going to let his big grumpy friend stop him from having a party. And a party means presents and balloons and more! Of course, Bear isn’t too pleased with this turn of events. Can Mouse persuade Bear that birthdays are good fun after all?

A Birthday for Bear is just as much fun as its predecessor. Once again Bear is all bristles and not much fun, and it is Mouse that has the ability to turn his frown upside-down. Kady MacDonald Denton brings the story to life with ink-and-watercolor illustrations that perfectly capture Mouse’s excitement as he floats around on the strings of balloons, and Bear’s less-than-enthused person, paws on his hips. The colors and details offer up plenty of good times for parents and children alike, and author Bonny Becker makes sure to let us know exactly how Bear feels when he gets ruffled! But she makes equally sure to balance out his gruffness with Mouse’s never-ending good cheer.

A children’s book that can make for a fun birthday gift, this title is meant for children ages 4 to 7 and is available in hardcover. The dialogue between Mouse and Bear will bring little smiles to little faces, and the happy ending will leave kids comfortable and pleased to see that Bear really isn’t as grumpy as he may seem. Another job well done for Mouse!

A Birthday for Bear


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