A Bald Chimpanzee, an Adventure in ABC’s

Is that chimp eating hamburgers?

That will likely be the first thing out of anyone’s mouth when they first spot A Bald Chimpanzee, an Adventure in ABC’s. Indeed he is, and the way that Elizabeth Gauthier presents and illustrates this alphabetical journey will change the way parents and kids view their letters and have a great time in doing so.

By taking typical letters and what they stand for, Gauthier offers readers a unique way of learning their ABC’s. Phrases like, “A Bald Chimpanzee Devours Eighty Four Giant Hamburgers” introduce not just one letter, but several all at once. In a single sentence, kids get to see the letters A-H in action. But Gauthier doesn’t stop there. While multiple letters are often used, she also makes sure that each letter gets its own time in the spotlight, such as the letter P: “Prickly Porcupines Picking Perfectly Purple Plums.”

With such tongue twistingly fun and funny sentences, parents can read to kids and then have them echo the phrases back, asking plenty of questions along the way. Gauthier doubles as the illustrator for A Bald Chimpanzee, an Adventure in ABC’s, so the wacky pictures are all her own. Even if certain animals involved may be doing some interesting things, Gauthier has realized the importance of showing realistic creatures, thus each animal is true to its own form (though there are a few differences here and there – such as the balding chimp).

This is the sort of book that will draw all kinds of giggles and squeals from both boys and girls as they encounter numerous animals in goofy situations, some of which they may have never seen before. Done in pen and ink and colored with watercolors, it’s fun to look at and fun to read.

Meant for kids ages 4-8, it’s a solid age range where kids are learning all kinds of new words. Though some children may already know their alphabet, A Bald Chimpanzee, an Adventure in ABC’s teaches them new words they may have never heard before. Childrens books about the alphabet, beware because monkeys with hamburgers are on the loose!

A Bald Chimpanzee, an Adventure in ABC’s

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