10-Step Guide to Living with Your Monster

What young child wouldn’t want to have a monster living with them, especially if it’s a friendly monster? Imagine all of the things that you could do with a monster! But if you’re going to have a monster, you need to know how to properly take care of it, and that is exactly what Laura Numeroff’s 10-Step Guide to Living with Your Monster is all about – learning how to take care of your monster in the proper way.

Some young children are scared of monsters, but no one could be scared of the monsters illustrated by Nate Evans in this children’s book. These monsters look silly and fun and look like someone that you would definitely want to be friends with! But before you can be friends with a monster, you have to pick out the right one. The tale starts by helping you to pick out the right monster for you and how to pick out the right name. The author points out that you don’t want to “call him Hercules when your sister calls him Fluffy”. Names, after all, are important!

The tale goes on as the writer helps children to understand that you have to feed your monster right, so that he can be healthy, and that you have to bring him to the vet (best to learn how to handle him properly there), and how to properly train him! There are tips for grooming him properly and tips for getting him to bed with a minimum of fuss. All of these tips are full of fun and humor and, of course, the author’s engaging energy.

Children who love monsters will adore this story, and those who are scared of monsters will be given a great opportunity to learn the difference between myth and reality, as this tale makes it easy for even young children to learn that living with a monster can be a joyous thing indeed! If your child loves silly stories, this is one tale that will have them giggling and laughing right alongside their parents every time it is read.

10-Step Guide to Living with Your Monster


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