Yertle the Turtle

An adult can probably name off a number of their favorite authors relatively quickly. Try asking them to name off some of their favorite childrens books authors, however, and they’re likely to look at you with a blank stare, especially if they don’t have children. There is one author that almost every adult and child knows: Dr. Seuss. Dr. Seuss will always be known for creating some of the wackiest, most enjoyable books for children. His books always seem to have a turn of phrase or a rhyme that you’ve never heard before and that you’ll never be able to get out of your head again.

Yertle the Turtle is a Dr. Seuss book that is beloved by parents and children everywhere. This book is all about learning the lesson of humility thanks to a few main character. The first, Yertle, or rather, King Yertle wants to build a bigger kingdom off of the backs of his subjects – quite literally. He gets his turtle subjects to stack themselves up into a tall throne so that he can have a great kingdom. The turtle on the bottom, Mack, realizes that he’s been given the short end of the stick and changes King Yertle’s perception.

Also in the Yertle the Turtle book isa whiny bird named Gertrude McFuzz and a fight that occurs between a proud rabbit and a proud bear! Yertle the Turtle is a great story to read at bedtime that not only entertains and amuses, but that also teaches a valuable lesson.

Yertle the Turtle

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