Kids between the ages of four and eight seldom sit still. With so much energy and a boundless curiosity there is little that can keep them in one place for long. Even the very best and most entertaining books can seldom keep the wiggliest kid’s attention. That was until the book Waddle!

Written by former movie maker using his own patented process call Scanimation, Rufus Butler Seder takes the ordinary board book to extraordinary. Kids will be mesmerized with the moving images in the book. The cover page shows a picture of a penguin, poised to do his trademark waddle and then just as you open the book he does just that. One look at the waddling penguin and the reader is hooked.

This is the third book in a series. The first two children’s books Gallop! and Swing! both spent time on the New York Times bestsellers list. The newest Scanimation book takes the art to a new level by including color to the moving images.

The twelve page board book is filled with images of animals in movement. Simple rhymes about the animals add to the enjoyment of the book without distracting from the images. The book will not only keep the attention of young readers but it may also inspire them to move. The moving images feel so real that little ones will want to get in on the action too.

The same process that brings life to the board book has also been applied on a much larger scale. Book creator, Rufus Butler Seder, is also the inventor of Lifetiles. When installed as a mural these glass tiles appear to move and bring the image to life as the viewer walks by. Lifetiles can be seen at many museums and amusement parks around the world.

Parents may be more fascinated by the technology that brings the book to life but they will find it no less irresistible than their children. This book is sure to be a favorite in any child’s library. Classroom teachers will enjoy adding it to their library and using it when teaching about animals. Instead of just showing a picture of an animal the teacher can show the animals movement too.

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