The Kings Stilts

Sometimes, just when you think you know all of your favorite author’s books by heart, a book will come along that you’d never seen before. In this case the author is Dr. Seuss. Dr. Seuss is known around the world for writing wonderful childrens books that are filled with vivid characters and illustrations, and that help children learn to read thanks to the magic of rhyme and great stories. Some books of the doctors are memorized in minutes. Others, however, stay hidden until you start searching for them.

The story of The Kings Stilts is one that is often hard to find. This tale talks about the story of King Birtram of Binn, who wants to guard his kingdom but who also lives a very precarious existence by walking around on his red stilts. Ironically it is the red stilts that allow him to do his job, and when the red stilts are stolen, the whole kingdom is on the verge of being destroyed!

The Kings Stilts is one of Dr. Seuss’s older books, and doesn’t have the same type of rhyme scheme that is older books have. It does, however, tell a great tale about a king who needs to have his stilts in order to do his job, and about a page boy who helps to save the kingdom with the king just by being who he is. A must for any Seuss collection, The Kings Stilts is a great story to read to yourself, and to your children.

The Kings Stilts

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