The Foot Book

There are many Dr. Seuss books out there to enjoy, and many that have been enjoyed for two generations of children. There are some that are long and hard to remember, and then there are those that are shorter and easier to remember, even for young children. The Foot Book is one of those childrens books that comes around only every once in a blue moon. It is a book that is easy to read for young children, and easier to memorize for even younger children.

The Foot Book is not a story that follows any one character around, but is, instead, a story about the “many many feet you meet” when you’re walking along on any random day. While children are having fun reading about red feet, blue feet, left feet, right feet, and even fuzzy fur feet, they’re also learning about opposites. The concept of opposites is often a hard one for children to understand, as it’s difficult to grasp that there can be something that is the perfect opposite of something else. Dr. Seuss’s book, however, makes it easy for young ones to see how opposites work in his fun, rhyming style, of course.

There’s his feet, her feet, up feet, and even down feet. Children who read The Foot Book often start looking around at the real feet that they can see. None of the feet they’ll see in real life, however, are anywhere near as colorful and exciting as any of the illustrations in the book.

The Foot Book

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