Rufus Butler Seder has done it again, with another book using Scanimation. Swing!, follows its predecessor, Gallop!, with yet more astonishing illustrations that have the illusion of being in complete motion. While Gallop focused on movement with animals, Swing!, focuses on movement with children and sports. With a particular pattern of layering paper over paper, and using actual photos of the children doing the sports moves, Seder has come up with a way to make the reader think that the picture is actually moving.

Offering the need to look again and again, this is one of the most amazing picture books to share with your children. The way children are drawn to other children and with the demonstration of sports moves that he includes in this book, your children will be both amazed and may even learn how to do a certain move the right way with a particular sport. From bouncing a basketball to dribbling a soccer ball on the knee, there are many things to see. There is a baseball player swinging a bat, a child riding a bike, and even sunning, doing cartwheels, and ice skating throughout.

Swing! is destined to become one of the most appreciated picture books, with so much to offer for young and old alike. Artists may be drawn to this book for its new form of illustrations, but artist or not, you will be tempted to look and turn the pages, over and over again. You may even find yourself sneaking it away from your child to sneak another peak and try to figure it out for yourself.

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