Scrambled Eggs Super

Is there any children’s author that is more loved than Dr. Seuss? Likely not. Dr. Seuss has been a beloved author of childrens books for a vast number of years. Known for his wit with rhyme and his beautiful illustrations, almost all of Dr. Seuss’s books are loved by both children and parents alike. There are some books, however, that don’t immediately come to mind when you say the name “Dr. Seuss”, and one of those books, Scrambled Eggs Super, is considered by many Seuss fans to be one of his best pieces of work.

Scrambled Eggs Super tells the tale of Peter T. Hooper, and how his mother always makes scrambled eggs out of hen’s eggs, and how boring it gets. So he decides to start cooking something different, and tells his friend, Liz, about the things that he’s going to make into scrambled eggs. He talks about many different kind of Seuss-like creatures, including Ziffs that live on Cliffs (as opposed to Zuffs that live on bluffs) and how he’d check out Moth-Watching Sneths and Long-Legger Kwongs.

If you’re looking for a way to show children all about the many different ways you can cook things, Scrambled Eggs Super is a great way to do that, adding imagination, rhyming, and beautiful illustrations to this fun story about how you can make amazing scrambled eggs using eggs from the rarest types of birds. Parents almost always find their children wanting to start cooking along after reading this classic Seuss tale.

Scrambled Eggs Super


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