Gossie and Gertie have become some of the most popular goslings that ever existed. Children around the nation have delighted in being able to look at Olivier Dunrae’s beautiful pictures and being able to read the story about the life that the goslings, and their friends and family, lead. Thankfully there are a number of different childrens books that features Gossie, Gertie, and their friends and family, making it easy to collect more stories for children about their favorite characters.

Peedie is the story about a new friend for the gosling family. This little gosling is a little yellow one who is a bit…forgetful. He’s always known for wearing his trademark baseball cap. One day, though, he discovers that he’s lost his baseball cap and he’s not sure where he put it! He searches and searches for the baseball cap but can’t seem to find it anywhere. Then his mother finds him and reminds him of a chore that Peedie forgot to do. It is when he’s doing the chore that he forgot that he’s able to find the baseball cap that he lost!

Peedie is a sweet, fun book to read with children of all ages, but is especially loved by younger children, who want to read the story about how the little yellow gosling finds his cap over again and again. The story will enthrall children and the beautiful illustrations will keep parents engaged in the reading as well, making for a fun family activity for everyone.


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