On Beyond Zebra!

One of the first things that most children learn once they enter school is how to say the alphabet. They learn how to recognize and pronounce the letters from A-Z. But what about those that come after the letter Z? Oh, didn’t you realize that there are things that are after the letter Z? Thanks to On Beyond Zebra!, children around the world are able to read about the magnificent things that come after the letter Z!

On Beyond Zebra! is a story about how Conrad Cornelius o’Donald o’Dell learns about all of the miraculous things that come after the letter Z. He learns about things like the letters Wumbuz, Glikk, and Yuzz, and he also learns about how

Nuh is the letter used to spell Nutches “who live in small caves, known as Nitches, for hutches”.
Some parents may believe that On Beyond Zebra! belongs in the confusing childrens books section of the library, but in reality, this book is a delightful way to show children that things don’t have to be boring. Learning about the alphabet, for instance, doesn’t have to be the dull, boring exercise that so many children believe it to be. It can, instead, be filled with wonderful words that haven’t yet been dreamed up yet, helping children to see that imagination is just as important as learning facts and figures, and making for a fun, and interesting, reading book as well, especially when parents find themselves stumbling over some of the words!

On Beyond Zebra!


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