My Friend Rabbit

The most amusing thing about the award winning “My Friend Rabbit” is that it is narrated by a mouse. Not just any mouse, but a mouse whose best friend is a rabbit for whom life just never seems to go quite the way it should. Masterful illustrator of childrens books Eric Rohmann tells much of the story in without words with the use of bright and punchy colors in the form of relief prints. If you had seen his previous work in such picture books as The Cinder-Eyed Cats, you may not even have known that this was his handiwork but rest assured he is simply that flexible as an artist.

When mouse tells the reading audience that rabbit means well, he is shortly thereafter thrown – via his mouse sized airplane – into a tree by the floppy eared friend. The majority of the story from that point revolves around “My Friend Rabbit” devising and executing a plan to extract his tiny buddy from his precarious perch in the branches over his head. One by one, rabbit recruits animals of every shape and size to be stacked like stepping stones or building blocks until they were high enough to reach the unfortunate mouse and rescue him.

What follows can only be described as humor that will have the entire family laughing out loud as something unexpected happens to the pile of aggravated animals. As for just what that event is, you’ll just have to get your own copy of “My Friend Rabbit” and find out for yourself.

My Friend Rabbit

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