How Do Dinosaurs Count to Ten?

First learning to count is one of those things that every child has to do at one point or another. When that time comes for your little one How Do Dinosaurs Count to Ten? Is a great book to pull out for them. Although it is not one of the full sized How do Dinosaurs board books, the small size of this book is a great choice for parents who have little children with  little hands that want to encourage their little ones to read on their own.

Many dinosaur books feature dinosaurs roaming the prehistoric earth or doing silly things with humans, and while this book is a bit like the latter it is unlike any dinosaur book by any other author out there. Counting is an important part of a child’s development, and this one explores the idea of learning to count in a new and inventive way. It combines two of the most interesting parts of childhood: counting and a love of dinosaurs that is shared among most children at some point or another.

How Do Dinosaurs Count to Ten? Is a great baby gift or a first book for any child. Many dinosaur childrens books are difficult to understand, but this one has very simple text and hilarious, engaging illustrations of dinosaurs doing their very best to learn their numbers just as any other human child might.

How Do Dinosaurs Count to Ten? Is a book that is sure to please all children in your life.

How Do Dinosaurs Count to Ten?

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