Pancakes, Pancakes!

When little Jack wakes up one morning, he is soooo hungry. And all he can think about is pancakes. In the book Pancakes, Pancakes!, Eric Carle tells the story that so many can relate to, not only being very hungry, but being so hungry for something particular – craving a food to the point of not being willing to eat anything else. That’s how Jack feels when he wakes up to the call of the rooster on this morning. The only problem is there are some things his mom needs before she can make the pancakes for Jack. That means there may be some work for Jack to do in order to help her get those things.

Eric Carle tells the story in a way that will be entertaining and fun, and give the reader a sense of how desperately Jack really wants those pancakes. The things his mother needs, like four from the mill, eggs from one of the hens, and firewood to cook them with, may be the easy things to get. He also needs to milk the cow and make butter with the fresh cream off the top of the milk. Jack has his work cut out for him, and he needs to decide if Pancakes, Pancakes!  are what he really wants.

Eric Carle has become one of the children’s books masters, with awards and recognition for his work over many years. This story is another that will draw you in, and maybe you will even want to eat some Pancakes, Pancakes! by the time you are finished.

pancakes pancakes

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