September Children’s Picture Books

As children grow and explore new things, reading children’s picture books is one of the best habits that your child can pick up. These new children’s books are sure to delight you and your little ones as you both explore the wonderful storylines.

every thing on it Every Thing on It: Every Thing on It” is a collection of poems by Shel Silverstein, renowned poet, illustrator, playwright, and songwriter. Everyone who enjoys a good poem will want to add this classic to the collection. This compilation of unpublished poems and wonderful illustrations will be a book that will be cherished. His extraordinary rhythmic poetry is delightful and reminds children of all of the possibilities in store when they believe in their dreams. This magical book will be a great addition to your children’s picture books. Shel Silverstein’s lively poems are filled with joy and inspiration to help kids dare to dream big.
you will be my friend You Will Be My Friend: In Peter Brown’s “YOU WILL BE MY FRIEND!,” a happy, young child steps out into the world to find a new friend. On the way, she encounters a giraffe and accidentally ruins his meal. She continues to look for her new friend, and she eventually finds someone that loves her for who she is. This engaging story teaches children about the value of friendship and persistence, and it encourages them to be themselves to find true friends that will love them just the way they are. The illustrations in this book are very unique. The author has constructed these images with construction paper, graphite, and other materials, and this gives it a completely new take on the traditional illustrations found in most children’s picture books..
otis and the tornado Otis and the Tornado: Written by Loren Long, “Otis and the Tornado” is an interesting story of farm life and how to stay safe during a storm. Otis is basking in the glow of the sun on the farm with his farm friends, until he notices that the bull has left and is not willing to play with the rest of them. The bull stays in his pen while the other animals and Otis enjoy their day outside. Unexpectedly, a scary storm hits, and Otis gets all of his other farm friends to safety, but the bull can’t get out of his pen! This exciting tale is sure to keep kids on the edge of their seats as the story unfolds.
five little monkeys reading in bed Five Little Monkeys Reading in Bed: Eileen Christelow has added another great book to her wildly famous series. The little monkeys aren’t jumping on the bed in this tale, but they are reading while they should be fast asleep! The monkeys can’t resist reading a few more books before they go to bed, until Mama comes in and takes their books away so that they will be able to fall asleep. They are just about to go to sleep when they hear a strange noise. Is their mama reading in the bed? This delightful book is a great choice for people that already know and love her classic, “Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed.”
bumble-ardy Bumble-Ardy: The renowned author of Where the Wild Things Are, Maurice Sendak, has released a new book, “Bumble-Ardy!” This is the first book by the acclaimed author since 1981, and it comes complete with classic animations and an interesting storyline. This book portrays the life of a pig as he goes through life without celebrating any of his eight birthdays. On his ninth birthday, he gets adopted and throws himself a birthday party. Things at the birthday party quickly take an unexpected turn, and a lesson unfolds as Maurice realizes that the love between families is unshakeable.
i want my hat back I Want my Hat Back: Jon Klassen has written an enthralling book for young children. As one of the newest children’s picture books on the shelves, this wonderful book illustrates a bear’s journey in search of his hat. As he begins to explore all of the expected places that it might turn up, he is disappointed to find that no one has seen his hat. Just as he begins to lose hope that he will ever find his hat again, another forest animal comes along to jog the bear’s memory and get him back on the right track to find his hat.
one love One Love: The wildly popular song by Bob Marley now has a book to illustrate the message to young children. In “One Love” adapted by Cedella Marley (Bob Marley’s oldest daughter) and illustrated by Vanessa Newton, children are able to understand that we can do incredible things when we learn to love and accept each other. Parents will love the message that this book sends across to their young children, and it is a great book to read aloud to younger and older children alike. In this book, the story is focused on a young girl making changes to her community with the help of all the people around her.
love waves Love Waves: Children’s picture books are often able to convey a message to kids in an age-appropriate and fun way. In “Love Waves” by Rosemary Wells, children are able to find comfort when they are missing someone by sending love waves across the world. These waves are invisible but powerful and give the message that they are still loved even though they are miles away. The warm pastel illustrations also give a comforting feel to this book. This is a book that children and adults alike will delight in reading, especially if you are currently missing someone that you can’t be with.
the crown on your head The Crown on Your Head: If you are looking for the perfect bedtime story to read to your children, “The Crown on Your Head” by Nancy Tillman is certainly one of the best new children’s picture books. The illustrations in this book are nothing short of gorgeous, and the message in this book will leave your children feeling extraordinary and appreciated. This will help you show your children how amazing they really are by letting them know that they were born with a crown on their head that will always be there. The beautiful, natural animations accompanying this book make it an absolute joy to behold and to read to your children.
i will not read this book I Will Not Read this Book: Author Cece Meng and illustrator Joy Ang have created a really interesting book with digital animations and a storyline that parents and kids will love. The title is pretty controversial, but once you read the book, you begin to understand why the book is titled as such. This is a tale of a very reluctant young man refusing to read, but as the story unfolds, he becomes a true book lover after he convinces the person he loves to read the book with him. A story of overcoming stubborn behavior and learning to love reading, this book is a great addition to the fall season’s new children’s books.
the man in the moon The Man in the Moon:In this delightful story written by William Joyce, the stunning illustrations and text bring to life a fantasy world that can only be imagined to be explored. This book is a tender story of love and fairy-tale enchantment that rests on a completely unique storyline. The gorgeous illustrations are only part of the allure of this particular book because the author has written this book to encourage children to explore a world in their imagination. William Joyce masterfully brings to life the characters and the story with vivid, colorful imagery and inspiring text. Of the new children’s books, this is one that will be treasured by young children, parents, and grandparents alike.
is everyone ready for fun Is Everyone Ready for Fun: Jan Thomas has written a new book entitled “Is Everyone Ready for Fun?” This catchy book has a silly storyline that captures the happiness and joy that kids have when they join in on the fun. In this story, the cows make a surprise visit to Chicken. Chicken invites them in only to realize that they want to jump, dance, and play on the couch instead of sit down for a quiet talk. This is a great book to read to young children because it encourages children to learn to join in the fun and have a good time!
the sniffles for bear The Sniffles for Bear: A new book to the Bear and Mouse series by Bonny Becker has arrived, and the ever-cheerful mouse has a few surprises in store for his sick bear friend. In “The Sniffles for Bear,” Bear comes down with a terrible cold, and he is certain that he is the sickest that any bear has ever been before. Mouse arrives at Bear’s doorstep to cheer him up with songs and happy stories, and Bear is none too thrilled to see him. This comedic wonderment is sure to have even the adults roaring with laughter.
charlotte jane battles bedtime Charlotte Jane Battles Bedtime: This wonderful bedtime story is perfect for children of all ages. This story is about a pirate named Charlotte that explores the seas on her ship. In this story, the young girl is able to understand what it means to be a pirate as she traverses the seas, and the interesting way that Myra Wolfe uses her vocabulary to create a compelling, yet engaging story for kids makes it a great read aloud book for parents and children. This is one of the new children’s books that will be a great addition for the whole family.
the three billy goats gruff The Three Billy Goats Gruff: Paul Galdone gives a new twist to classic fairy tales by injecting new, beautiful images and engaging text into the storyline. In this tale, three intelligent billy goats are able to outsmart a troll that they come across as they are moving about the mountain. The cadence and the illustrations make this a great book to read to children, and it will be a great addition to your bookshelves. With all of the new children’s books being released this fall, this one is certainly worth a closer read.
freckleface strawberry Freckleface Strawberry: Best Friends Forever: Julianne Moore has released a new book called “Freckleface Strawberry: Best Friends Forever.” The two main characters, Freckleface Strawberry and Windy Pants Patrick are complete opposites, yet they still find a way to be best friends. Although a lot of people think they are really different, they know how much they have in common. This warm, inviting book is destined to become a favorite for your children. Children’s picture books like “Freckleface Strawberry: Best Friends Forever” encourage kids to value friendship.
curious george stories to share Curious George Stories to Share: The famous Curious George now has a new book out as of September 2011, with a collection of the favorites by Hans Augusto Rey. In this book, you will find “Curious George and the Firefighters,” “Curious George and the Pizza Party,” “Curious George and the Aquarium,” “Curious George Plants a Tree,” “Curious George’s Dinosaur Discovery,” “Curious George at the Parade,” and “Curious George at the Baseball Game” to share with your children. This book is a treasure for anyone that loves the Curious George series and wants to share these classics with their children or grandchildren.
the gingerbread boy The Gingerbread Boy: “The Gingerbread Boy” by Paul Galdone is an exciting tale of a little gingerbread boy who tries to escape everyone who wants to eat him, even the lady who baked him. Tasty and delicious, the gingerbread boy has to run from everyone so that he doesn’t get eaten. He eventually finds a friend on the river, but things don’t turn out quite as he planned. “The Gingerbread Boy” is a great story for children over the age of 3 or 4, and this classic by Mr. Galdone is delightfully illustrated to enhance the storyline and bring the characters to life.
an annoying abc An Annoying ABC: In this preschool, there are 25 students and only one teacher. The kids become cranky and restless as the day drags on, and with the influence of only one child, the whole class is acting out. Adelaide unexpectedly causes a stir in the classroom, and all of the kids can’t seem to get past their bad behaviors. The story takes a turn for the better when Adelaide says she is sorry to everyone in the classroom. In this book, kids learn that the kindest and sincerest behaviors will have an impact on others. This is a comedic gem for all children and parents, and it is sure to bring a little laughter into your life.
pirate nap: a book of colors Pirate Nap: A Book of Colors: Danna Smith has written wonderful new children’s books. This book takes the reader on a journey where two young boys create a pirate ship in their imaginations while they get ready for naptime. The colorful, bright illustrations bring out the storyline and help kids relate to how the story is unfolding. The text is rhythmic, which makes this book a good choice for reading aloud. In this little adventure, everyone will enjoy the storyline as the two boys transform their surroundings into an interesting pirate ship.
miss lina’s ballerinas and the prince Miss Lina’s Ballerinas and the Prince: Grace Maccarone and Christine Davenier have written and illustrated a beautiful book called “Miss Lina’s Ballerinas and the Prince.” Miss Lina has 9 ballerinas, all of which are learning to dance. These ballerinas have a show coming up, and Miss Lina announces that a young man will be coming to dance with them. The girls are so excited to be able to dance with a boy, but after he arrives, the ballerinas and the young prince don’t know how to act. This story is complete with pastel illustrations that are reminiscent of other children’s picture books like Madeline. This is sure to be a favorite among aspiring ballerinas.
11 experiments that failed 11 Experiments that Failed: Jenny Offill and Nancy Carpenter have created another masterpiece to compliment their book, “17 Things I’m Not Allowed to Do Anymore.” In “11 Experiments that Failed,” your children will learn how to conduct science experiments while learning about some experiments they probably shouldn’t try at home. In this clever book, your children will learn how to make a hypothesis and perform a full science experiment all the while learning about how things work in a fun, energetic way. This is one of the new children’s books that you simply have to read to appreciate the wonderful way the ideas are presented.
dog parade Dog Parade: In this delightful story about nine dogs getting ready to go to a parade, each of them realizes that they all have different personalities. While one is very shy, another is very jumpy and rambunctious. They have to decide whether or not they actually want to go and see the parade, but something sparks their interest and changes their mind. Barbara Joosse’s “Dog Parade” is a sweet, funny tale of dogs preparing to go to a parade. The funny illustrations add to the charm of the book and make it a wonderful book for children. This is one of the new children’s books that deserves a good read.
birdie’s big-girl dress Birdie’s Big-Girl Dress: Sujean Rim is the author and illustrator of “Birdie’s Big-Girl Dress,” a new twist on “Birdie’s Big-Girl Shoes.” Birdie is a fashionista, and now she dreams of the perfect dresses. She has so many dresses in mind, but then she realizes that she hasn’t found the right one yet. She wants a dress that she can run, jump, and play in, and after she finds her thinking spot, she realizes that all she has to do to find the right dress is to imagine it. This book is a fantastic book for little girls, and it really encourages kids to be creative and imagine all of the possibilities in store for them.
sweet land of liberty Sweet Land of Liberty: Author Callista Gingrich has written a new book helping kids develop an understanding of what it means to live in the land of the free. While many kids know the timeless lyrics of “My Country Tis of Thee,” this book explores the real meaning behind the song. The rhythmic text and the beautiful illustrations create an inspiring book that is a great addition to your children’s picture books. This book is made for young Americans and for parents that want to explain the wonders of living in the United States of America. This is a great book to read aloud to young and older children.
good little wolf Good Little Wolf: The “Good Little Wolf,” written by Nadia Shirleen, is one of the most warm, delightful children’s picture books on the shelves this fall. This is a tale of Rolf, a gentle, young wolf, who is confused about who he is. The lady that he lives with has told him what a good young wolf he is, but when he gets out into the world, a large wolf that he meets tells him that he is not good enough and that he is not a real wolf. Eventually, Rolf learns to stand up to the mean wolf, but there is a twist at the end that children will really enjoy.
the boy who wanted to cook The Boy Who Wanted to Cook: Gloria Whelan and Steve Adams have created a new book about a boy who wants to cook. In this book, a young boy named Pierre grows up around a wonderful restaurant, La Bonne Vache. He wants to learn everything that he can about cooking so that one day he can follow in his father’s footsteps and become a masterful chef. His parents discourage him by telling him that he is too young and that he can’t cook yet. Pierre is eventually able to overcome all obstacles and become the chef that he always wanted to be. The brilliant illustrations and heartfelt storyline make this book an excellent choice.
happi eating Happi Eating: “Happi Eating” written by Dena is a wonderful, cheerful tale of friendship and food. The beautiful illustrations are irresistible and joyful. In this book, the happi animals learn to share their favorite foods with their friends. This is an all around delightful book that is sure to leave your children smiling, especially if they adore animals. This book is designed for babies and pre-school aged children, and the happy, melodic text will make it enjoyable for you to read this wonderful book to your children. This book is one of the most entertaining new children’s picture books for young children.

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