New Children’s Books for October

It’s an exciting time in children’s literature, as many new children’s books were released in October, and parents looking for a fresh, new perspective will find it here. From books illustrated with dreamlike whimsy, to books delicately dealing with difficult topics, there’s something on this list for every child – and for the parents who love them.

Top 5 Children’s Books for October

the artist who painted a blue horse The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse: All children have an inner artist, and this expressive new book helps them to discover it. The book centers around an artist who paints the world just as he sees it – just as a child would. His unique paintings include a bright red crocodile, an orange elephant, a violet fox and donkey dotted with polka-dots. Chock full of creative, bright and bold illustrations, this book will help children to see that art can come in many forms. The text is simple and short, but has quite an impact and will help to bring out the inner artist in every child.
m.o.m. (mom operating manual) M.O.M. (Mom Operating Manual): A celebration of moms everywhere, this clever and unique book is a manual that teaches kids that moms are people too. It explores the many things moms do everyday that their kids may not take the time to recognize, and shows kids little things they could do that would help their moms to better do their job. This lighthearted book gives warning signs of “mom-pattern-crankiness” to help children identify when their moms might be on their way to being overwhelmed, and what they can do to keep that from happening. This is a book that appeals to moms as much as it does to kids.
twinkle, twinkle, little star Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star:Most parents are familiar with the children’s lullaby this lavishly illustrated book is based on, but they’ll be impressed by the new heights this book achieves. The bright, dreamlike watercolor drawings are as much a part of this book as the story line is, which focuses on a chipmunk with childlike curiosity, who leaves the comfort of home to stare in wonder at the night sky. After becoming mesmerized by the twinkling stars and the glistening dewdrops fallen on a spider’s web, he begins a fantasy filled adventure to literally reach for the stars and discover more about the world around him.
e-mergency! E-mergency!: Oh, no – the letter “E” has taken a tumble down the stairs, and now she’s stuck in the hospital. In order for her to get her rest and come back, everyone must stop using this important letter. The other letters in the alphabet hold a meeting to discuss who could possibly replace her. “Z”? No, “Z” is too tired. “P”? No, “P” spends too much time in the restroom. “Y”? No, “Y” is just too inquisitive! But here comes “O”, to take “E”’s place and give her the rest she needs. This book is smack dab full of both visual and verbal puns.
swirl by swirl: spirals in nature Swirl by Swirl: Spirals in Nature: Like several other children’s picture books on this list, this book celebrates the inner artist in everyone. Written by an accomplished poet who’s both a Caldecott medalist and a winner of the Newbery, Swirl by Swirl teaches children about the importance and beauty of spirals. Through a close analysis of spirals that appear in nature, such as those found in rushing rivers, budding flowers, and the inner ear, the author helps children to see these shapes in every day objects. This is a book that’s both simple and complex, as it examines the usefulness of the spiral.

Other Great New Children’s Picture Books

lots of bots!: a counting pop-up book Lots of Bots!: A Counting Pop-Up Book : This is the first book in a just launched series of pop-up books. Parents who are familiar with the author’s previous children’s picture books, like Horton Hears a Who Pop-Up!, and Oh, the Places You’ll Go Pop-Up!, will certainly find some recognizable methods being used here. This book helps beginners learn to count from 1 to 10, and more advanced kids to count all the way to 55. These pop-ups aren’t just visual – they are interactive as well. Children will have plenty to look at, and plenty of things to turn, bounce, pull and spin.
miss lina's ballerinas and the prince Miss Lina’s Ballerinas and the Prince: This sequel to the beloved Miss Lina’s Ballerinas continues on the theme of teaching children the love of dance, but this time the girls have a new challenge- a boy! The girls are initially overjoyed at the idea of having a boy join their class and perform with them in the end of the year show. In fact, they are so overjoyed that they overwhelm him with their pink pirouettes and their constant attention, and the blushing boy becomes shy and dances right out the door. This is a simple read that’s designed as nothing more than a fun and fanciful book about dancing.
the snow angel The Snow Angel: In contrast to other books on this list, The Snow Angel is a story that’s full of very deep and sometimes even depressing situations. Rachel Price has only one happy memory from her childhood, and that is of playing outside with her father on a cold, winter day – which was very different than the abusive father she typically saw. Now Rachel is an adult with a daughter of her own, and she has unfortunately fallen into many of the same patterns she learned from her parents. Then a phone call comes from an friend, and it seems that everything is about to change.
happy pig day! Happy Pig Day!: Gerald the elephant and Piggie have been the best of friends for many years, but when Pig Day comes along, Gerald feels left out. He watches all his pig friends have the grandest of times, and he wishes he could be a pig – or at least be welcomed to the pig party. When Piggie eventually realizes that her beloved friend is gone, he sets out to find him. Hijinks ensue as these friends seek to find common ground. Told with the same hilarious, slightly absurd voice as the rest of the Gerald and Piggie books, this book is sure to be a classic.
the amazing adventures of bumblebee boy The Amazing Adventures of Bumblebee Boy: Kids who love superheros will love this hilarious and unique tale of Sam and Bumblebee Boy. When Sam realizes that he needs help, he turns into Bumblebee Boy to fight off the pirates, defeat dragons, and settle down the saber-tooth lions. His younger brother Owen shows up, and initially Sam is quite perturbed – who needs a little kid ruining his adventure? But when Bumblebee Boy is faced with his scariest situation yet, a slew of aliens, he’s thankful for the goggled, towel-cape-wearing Owen. This is a book that’s big with imagination, and that explores the relationships between siblings.
how the dinosaur got to the museum How the Dinosaur Got to the Museum: Dinosaur loving kids will adore this fascinating journey that begins 145 million years ago, and follows the Diplodocus longus through to its present day home in the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C. Through the course of transporting the dinosaur’s fossil from its discovery in Utah to the Smithsonian, children will learn about the many jobs that go into something as simple as moving a pile of dinosaur bones. This book covers the entire process, from the paleontologists and museum curators who get the most attention, to the excavators and movers who got the bones to their current spot, and down to the welders and cleaners who helped create the display.
jumanji 30th anniversary edition Jumanji 30th Anniversary Edition: It’s hard to believe that Jumanji came out 30 years ago, but this classic book is as enjoyable now as it was at its release. The special anniversary edition comes with a nice addition – a CD with celebrated actor Robin Williams reading this timeless treasure. Fans will remember that Mr. Williams starred in the movie adaption of this famous book, which follows Peter and Judy as they discover the game of their lives: Jumanji. The instructions that accompany that game clearly state that when the game is started it must be finished, or it will continue indefinitely. This is an exciting, fast paced book about adventure.
mustache Mustache: The handsome King Duncan should spend more time ruling his people, and less time admiring his gorgeous face. Even as his kingdom crumbles around him, and his people come to him begging help, his only reaction is to build even more statues and tributes to his handsome face. Finally, his subjects are fed up – and ready to take a stand! And they come up with the perfect idea to get out of their hairy predicament. This energetically illustrated book is full of whimsy, good humor, and a clueless king. Children will giggle from beginning to end as they follow this troublesome tale.
never forgotten Never Forgotten: Some of the best children’s picture books are lighthearted and whimsical, but some of them take another route, which is to teach children about their history through easy to understand words, and illustrations that cut to the heart of the matter. This book is the latter. Written by a 3 person team who’ve collectively won numerous awards for their children’s book, this story is set in West Africa, and tells the tale of a young African boy who is stolen from his family and sold into slavery. This is an important book that helps children to understand their own history, and to learn the importance of strong family bonds.
bear in long underwear Bear in Long Underwear: This silly, funny book is the story of a bear who’s lost everything but his underwear. In the same vein as the authors previous books Bear in Underwear and Bear in Pink Underwear, Bear and his pals are excited to romp outside and play in the freshly fallen snow. Bear wants his snowman to look his best, and so he sheds his own clothes to dress it – which leaves him not in his usual tighty-whities but in long underwear. His friends like what they see, and want a pair of their own. Kids will love the delightful whimsy of this very simple book.

Recently released children’s books range from the reissue of classic tales, to historical books that are important for every child, and silly romps that will bring a smile to every child’s face. No matter the subject matter, the books on this list are sure to bring delight to children and parents alike.

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    My 18 month old daughter loves all of Eric Carle’s other books and given the awards “The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse” has won, I thought it would be a winner, too. Unfortunately, my daughter isn’t that interested in this book. Simple text “I am a good artist” with beautiful pictures – but I think for the younger toddler you need a book that is not only visually stimulating, but something that allows them to interact more – lift a flap or touch and feel books – may be more appropriate?

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