New Children’s Books for June 2011

Looking for some brand new books to add to the kids’ shelves? Take a peek at some of these delightful titles, fresh off the press!

farmyard beat Farmyard Beat: It’s all about singing and having a great big good time in Lindsey Craig and Marc Brown’s story about farm animals and one catchy tune. It all begins with little chicks coming out of their shell and peeping until they wake up the sheep, and so the story goes. Eventually, all the animals “got that beat” and bebop around the pages, which are done in colored corrugated cardboard for some savvy artwork. Eventually, all the animals end up in a snoring heap. It won’t be hard to get kids to join in on the fun. It’s the sort of tale that other children’s books will aspire to be like.
amelia bedelia’s first day of school Amelia Bedelia’s First Day of School: For kids and parents alike who have ever wondered just what Amelia was like when she was a child, this book has all that covered. This time she’s off to experience school for the first time ever. Kids with first-day jitters will appreciate this story. After all, in the story she’s certain that she’ll love everything about going to school, from the teachers to having her own desk, getting new friends to enjoying recess. With her excitable spirit, she takes on the entire day, mishaps and all. Kids will giggle and have a good time right alongside her.
prudence wants a pet Prudence Wants a Pet: Little girl Prudence would love nothing more than to have a pet. But her parents decline, saying that they make noise and they cost too much. So she improvises, trying out a tree branch, car tire, her baby brother, and more, to see if she can find something that will make a great companion. Cathleen Daly uses ideas that will even have adults laughing (like when her parents get her “sea buddies”), and Stephen Michael King comes up with cute, simple drawings and soft colors to put this at the forefront of children’s books. Kids will love Prudence’s antics and the end result.
jonathan and the big blue boat Jonathan and the Big Blue Boat: You never know what might happen when you set off on an expedition in a boat. Young Jonathan has lost his good friend Frederick (a stuffed bear, of course), and sets out to find him. Along the way he meets up with a mountain goat, circus elephant, whale, and more. There’s plenty of adventure to be had along the way, and even some pirates! Kids will be excited to see where he goes, and Philip Stead never disappoints. He uses color to help enhance moods of happiness and worry, and everyone will be a fan of the ending.
the crossing The Crossing: Donna Jo Napoli and Jim Madsen come together to make a gorgeous story of Lewis and Clark’s expedition. Phrases are lyrical and use descriptive phrases as the digital pictures and all their stunning colors showcase many of the images Lewis and Clark would have encountered on their long journey. From animals to natural wonders, this ranks high among picture books that parents love for it’s ability to show a little history as well as beautiful images. Even more unique, the story is told from the perspective of Sacagawea’s baby, Jean Baptiste Charbonneau, making it a rather unique one.
let’s look at dinosaurs Let’s Look at Dinosaurs: Time for some fun with lift-the-flap children’s books! This combination of flap-lifting, die cut areas, and bright collage illustrations all work together to make a fun book all about dinos and learning about their names, what they look like, and what some of them can do. While it may take some kids a while before finally getting the names right (with dinos like pachycephalosaurus, adults might be challenged too!), there’s no doubt everyone will have fun trying, as well as playing with all the little interactive goodies inside. Frances Barry has definitely created a hit.
princess palooza Princess Palooza: It’s time for a serious party with princesses! There are twelve little girls ready to have a good time, each of them dressed up in their royal best. For some, that means cowboy boots, soccer jerseys, butterfly wings, and of course, a tutu here and there. They’re off to Princess Park where they can run around the moat, go inside a castle, and play in the carriage. For picture books that let loose imaginations to their fullest, Joy Allen has crafted a fun story that girls will adore. An added delight? Inside is a paper crown for every reader. Now everyone can be royalty!.
edwin speaks up Edwin Speaks Up: It’s time to go grocery shopping for a family of ferrets. But as many moms know, heading out to get a lot of groceries while dealing with a lot of kids can be a crazy time! Ferret mom keeps losing track of everything – kids included. Her little baby Edwin knows where everything is, and he tries to let his momma know. But everyone just thinks he’s babbling! Will he ever be able to tell everyone what’s really going on? With fun nonsense words that kids will have a good time saying and great illustrations bring this story together. It’s perfect to read aloud.
tia isa wants a car Tia Isa Wants a Car: Who wouldn’t want a car? Tia Isa would love to have one, that way they can go to the beach. Her niece decides this is a fantastic idea and does everything she can to help out. However, the money they earn goes into two places – one stays at home while the other is set aside as Helping Money, that is meant to help bring family members from far away. Claudio Munez’s children’s books take a peek into a different culture, and this story adds in a bit of Spanish that allows kids to sample a different language as well.
gilbert goldfish wants a pet Gilbert Goldfish Wants a Pet: This little fishy has almost everything. He’s got a nifty castle. He’s got a treasure chest. His food even falls from the sky! But he still wants one more thing – a pet. Kids can join him as he searches for the perfect pet, which means a bit of barking, a bit of buzzing, and one creature that may work turns out to be a bit of a surprise for readers! A different take on a well-known theme, this story turns things on their head in ways that only Kelly DiPucchio can come up with. Illustrator Bob Shea uses bright colors for just the right feel.
who’s there Who’s There: All tucked in? Ready for bed? Kids worried about what’s under the bed or lurking in the closet will feel better after reading this story by Carole Schaefer. With entertaining word sounds like creak, crinch and bumpety thump, this is the story of a young bunny going to bed when he hears so many little noises throughout the house. He wonders who might be creeping around before discovering it’s just his baby brother!Kids will feel better knowing there’s nothing to be scared of, making this a great story to read before bed before other children’s books.
the next door bear The Next Door Bear: Emma has just moved into a new neighborhood. That shouldn’t be too bad, right? Except when she tries to play with the other kids, they don’t let her in on the fun. When she’s in an elevator, a honeybee does it’s best to make her feel unwelcome. She’s not happy about living in this new place until an interesting neighbor comes her way. She has tea and honey with a bear, and with his help, she might just find a way to make herself at home. Eugene Yelchin and Mary Kuryla utilize vivid colors and fun designs to let everyone enjoy this book.
the great race The Great Race: Everyone knows the story of the tortoise and the hare. But they don’t know Kevin O’Malley’s version! Nate Tortoise is tired of hearing about Lever Lapin the hare. Lever thinks he’s all that, but Nate has an idea up his shell. He challenges Lever to a race – and though readers may already know how the story ends, they’ll like the added twist in this one. Having a great time reading picture books like this one is what parents and kids adore. Everyone will be pleased to see a little something different here, made even better with the delightful illustrations.
kindergators: hands, off harry Kindergators: Hands, Off Harry: That’s right. When you thought children’s books couldn’t get any sillier, Rosemary Wells tops herself with alligators – in kindergarten! Dressed in snazzy clothes and playing games in Ms. Harmony’s class, these gators know what kindergarten is like. Except Harry keeps getting into trouble and interrupting the class. Can the other little gators help him understand it’s important to keep his hands to himself? Kids will easily relate to the characters in this story, and will love seeing the alligators do some of the same things in class – though with the occasional alligator twist! Be ready for laughter!
a cat like that A Cat Like That: Kids who love cats will adore this book. Even those who aren’t feline fans will get a kick out of this tale of a cat searching for someone special. It’s all about cats in this story, what they like, what they don’t, how they act and what they mean. With a little bit of humor and a few wild colors, Wendy Wahman produces a character that does indeed look like many cats with those long legs and stretchy style. The feline cruises over fields of flowers, and bright trees. Imaginations really get to work here with all the pictures and their wide spreads.
princess zelda and the frog Princess Zelda and the Frog: Once and a while, you may stumble upon picture books that make you look twice. Carol Gardener and Shane Young have done just that with this wacky little storybook. They’ve taken the old story of The Frog Prince and had a field day with it – dressing up bulldog buddies to reenact the story. From a snoring dog in a frog suit to doggie royalty, complete with crown, this is sure to have kids howling with laughter. Even adults will chuckle at the images – the frog costume almost looks as though it’s eaten the bulldog! Plenty of silliness here!
bad kitty meets the baby Bad Kitty Meets the Baby: This kitty is hilarious – for both adults and children alike. Now Nick Bruel offers up a brand new tale featuring readers’ favorites – Puppy, Uncle Murphy, Strange Kitty, and of course, you know who. Except now there’s a new character in the story – Baby! And our fuzzy friend isn’t quite sure what to make of this. With fun informative pages mixed in with all the wackiness, kids get to learn a little something in ways that will make them giggle as they read along. Anyone with cats will be amused by this chapter book. Anyone without cats is certain to be equally amused.With just the right stories, you can lull little ones to sleep, make them laugh, or teach them to read. Being together with a book is the best!

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    my son was born june 2011… so it’s nice to know what books were new for that month. i plan to buy a few of these to sort of commemorate his birth. and thanks to this post, i know which ones to pick from. thank you!

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