New Children’s Books for July 2011

Get ready for a family fun time filled with giggles, singing, and learning as July introduces a collection of new children’s books and picture books.

creepy monsters, sleepy monsters Creepy Monsters, Sleepy Monsters: This cute story, with its colorful illustrations, maps out a day in the life of little monsters. These fun loving creatures start their day at Cree. P Elementary for a busy day of monster learning and end it tucked away in their snug beds.Don’t let the title fool you as there is nothing scary about these colorful monsters. Some are striped, some are furry, and some have wings. But just like human kids, they go to school, play at the park, and even eat after-school snacks. They are rambunctious too and don?t like to go to bed. Families will identify with these sweet little monsters as they follow them from sun up to sun down.
too many frogs Too Many Frogs: A perfect bedtime story, Too Many Frogs spins a tale about Rabbit, who contently reads a book every night by the fire. One night, his reading is interrupted by Froggie who wants to hear the story. Froggie comes every night to Rabbit’s house to hear him read a story. This begins a nightly visit where Froggie makes himself at home by fixing snacks and lying around on a pile of pillows.Froggie takes advantage of Rabbit one night and brings his whole family to story time but Rabbits says, Too many frogs! Too much fuss!? Rabbit begins to read by himself again only to realize he likes Froggie’s company and invites all of them back into his house for story time.
This Preschool-grade 2 reading is a perfect addition to any family’s bedtime reading collection of children’s books.
too purpley Too Purpley: On her quest to find an outfit for school, this little fashionista finds a problem with everything she tries on. She builds a pile of discarded clothes that are too purpley, too baggy, or too bright. In the end, she isn’t being too choosey on purpose; she only wants to be comfy. Her pet turtle goes through all of the wardrobe changes with similar attire.The rhyming text is as fun as the illustrations in these picture books. As each of her garments change, her watercolor surrounding transforms to emphasize the silliness of her latest choice. Too matchy makes her dress the same color of a chair, and ?too plaid? changes the room to plaid. Ages 2 and up will enjoy the chaotic world of Too Purpley!
skippy jones, class action Skippy Jones, Class Action: Written for children ages 5-8, Skippyjon Jones is a Siamese kitten with a huge imagination. The hyperactive little kitty, whose head and ears are too big for his body, wants to go to dog school but his mama won?t let him. His clever mind takes him on a doggie adventure where he turns into a superhero, saving his imaginary dog friends from a neighborhood bully.The Skippyjon Jones stories are fun and silly with rhyming phrases and little songs. The books have Spanish throughout to introduce the readers to the concept of other languages. Read this book and learn how Skippy earns the biggest gold star.
the babies on the bus The Babies on the Bus: The Babies on the Bus takes a classic song and changes the words around to entertain the babies on the bus. Sing and clap along in this book as the babies on the bus go bumpty bump bump? and honk honk honk to the horn. Like many real school kids, by the end of this fun filled ride the babies are fast asleep.Just like The Wheels on the Bus, young children will enjoy this sing along as well as the cute and colorful babies on each page of these picture books.
c is for city: an alphabet book C is for City: An Alphabet Book: Mister Doodles is a fun and creative way to introduce kids to the alphabet. Children ages 2-5 will love the humorous rhyming as the stick-figure makes his way from A-Z in a mix of black lines and photography. This reading offers an extra bonus as children look through the pictures in I spy fashion in search of other words that start with the same letter of the alphabet.Children will be amused as they learn their ABS’s with Mister Doodles with his rhyming text and colorful pages. A is for Art. B is for bone. C is for City, like New York or Rome?
happy halloween, stinky face Happy Halloween, Stinky Face: Halloween can be a scary time for many young children, but Stinky Face addresses some of those fears in these fall holiday children?s books. The little boy with the awkward nickname is back again with more of his what if questions for his mama. Unsure of which costume to wear, Stinky goes back and forth between a superhero and a firefighter and finally decides to wear his familiar ghost costume.Kids will enjoy all of the funny trick-or-treat questions Stinky Face has for Mama as well as Mama?s sweet and calm approach to the answers.
pete the cat: rocking in my school shoes Pete the Cat: Rocking in My School Shoes: Pete the Cat rocks in his shoes through the halls of his school. Teachers and parents alike can use this book to kick off the new school year and introduce their young students to all the cool places at school; the playground, lunchroom, and library. And kids will love this interactive book as they hone their listening skills to shout-out, Goodness, no!? every time the book asks, Does Pete worry?Pete and his rocking school shoes will take the kids on an adventure of discovery and in the end realize that all is good, no matter what the situation.
dino pets go to school Dino Pets Go to School: Kids love dinosaurs and these picture books are a parade of them as a little boy, again and again, tries to bring his dinos to school for pet day. Each dino successfully wreaks havoc and chaos at school. The tall one wrecks the bus before it even gets them to school. The lunchroom is never the same after the widest one breaks a table. And at recess, the kids discovered that the spikiest dinosaur shouldn’t play with soccer balls.The rhyming words, realistic pictures, and funny antics are a crowd pleaser for kids 3-8. In addition, the book features dino facts about these prehistoric creatures!
a place to call home A Place to Call Home: Little critters grow up too and sometimes they outgrow their home. In these hysterically funny children?s books, seven brothers outgrow their dark junkyard home and set out to claim a new one. The critters are creative in constructing a home as they traverse the complex junkyard.As the critters grow braver, they venture out and explore a muddy sea, as well as ascend a colossal mountain. Kids will giggle and cheer as the critters march their way through a puzzling maze of junkyard debris. Read the book and find out if the seven brothers will ever find a place they can call home.
maisy’s amazing big book of learning Maisy’s Amazing Big Book of Learning: Just like the name implies, Maisy’s Amazing Big Book of Learning is a book parents and preschool teachers can use as a resource to teach colors, sizes, shapes, and animals. With 40 interactive flaps to investigate, Maisy the mouse takes the reader on an animal counting lesson and gives them an opportunity to make loud noises, and jump around like a kangaroo.

This is an excellent, colorful book that will hold any rambunctious toddlers attention. There are lots of fun things to do and learn with Maisy taking the lead!

the elephant scientist The Elephant Scientist: After lengthy observations in the African desert the mother of all elephants?, American scientist Caitlin O’Connell discovers groundbreaking information about the way elephants communicate. Young animal lovers will appreciate the specialized knowledge of elephants taken directly from an elephant expert in another book within the Scientist in the Field series.The author Donna M. Jackson is an experienced children?s books author and science writer who has contributed to her professional works with this nonfiction documentation of OConnell’s recent discovery that elephants listen with their limbs. Investigate her findings in this newly released book The Elephant Scientist.
apples and pumpkins Apples and Pumpkins: Fall and Halloween are fast approaching and Apples and Pumpkins can help kick off the season with a multicolored trip to Comstock Farm. On her adventure, a little girl and her family visit a farm and she gets to pick the best produce from the apple trees and the biggest pumpkin from the patch.This book is family focused with activities that involve the whole family. From the trip to the farm to carving the pumpkin into a jack-o-lantern, and making pie, the book is a good example of getting the whole family involved.
my fold out books numbers My Fold Out Books Numbers: Produced as a board book, the bright yellow cover opens up to one long concertina-style page. Babies and toddlers will love the bright cover and vibrant photographs of well-known items. The durable board book construction will take a toddler?s abuse as they stretch it out on the floor to learn their numbers.The twelve pages cover numbers 1-12 with familiar objects to assist young children in building their vocabulary and developing picture recognition. With pictures on both sides and a unique folding system, little one will automatically be working on developing their motor skills. Simple and descriptive text makes this a must have for a baby’s first book.
double play: monkeying around with addition Double Play: Monkeying around with Addition: The mathematic concept of doubling is explored through two little chimps named Jill and Jake. Using playground games like four square and jump rope, students can memorize and duplicate the math themed rhymes on their own to aid in the learning process.Jill, Jake, and the other animal classmates spend so much time playing at recess they don’t even realize all the math they are learning through play. Each page has a rhymed verse as well as a math equation displayed with large watercolor illustrations. Double Play is a fun addition to any classroom library.
dream away Dream Away: The things your mind will let you do as you drift into dream land are endless! This special tale takes a father and son on a magical trip as they float to the sky in a paper boat. On their floating trip through the clouds, they stumble upon familiar faces as well as a wandering knight and winged horse. With a yellow balloon for a moon, Robert Goldstrom’s paintings are a whimsical addition to this sweet bedtime fantasy as the pair discovers the secret hiding places of the cosmos. This perfect night time read is especially targeted for a father to read to his children.

Introduced in July, these children’s books offer a variety of reading entertainment. Whether for learning or just plain fun, this collection has something for all to enjoy.

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