August 2011 Children’s Books

Children’s picture books are the perfect way for parents to bond with their children and encourage interest in reading and learning. The following new children’s books are complete with fascinating storylines, beautiful illustrations, and touching life lessons.

grandpa green Grandpa Green: “Grandpa Green” is an artistic masterpiece and a captivating storybook for young children. Author Lane Smith explores the beautiful relationship between family members as he passes down his memories and shares his experiences with his great-grandson. In this children’s picture book, you will take a journey through the enchanting garden that Grandpa Green has built. In it, you will find a collection of manicured shrubs that represent his memories as a farm boy, a soldier, a husband, and a father. This is one of the best children’s books of the year, and your children and grandchildren will enjoy this enthralling tale with its wonderful illustrations for many years to come.
llama llama home with mama Llama Llama Home with Mama: Author Anna Dewdney has added another installment to her beloved Llama Llama series. In this short picture book, Llama Llama wakes up with the sniffles, and he has to stay home with his mama. Llama Mama tends to little Llama as best she can, and after a nap, he starts to feel better. Then, Mama starts to come down with the sniffles and sneezes herself. Who decides to take care of Mama? Little Llama Llama. The illustrations provide the perfect background for the unfolding of this sweet story.
bear’s loose tooth Bear’s Loose Tooth: Author Karma Wilson and illustrator Jane Chapman have put together a wonderful book for children with “Bear’s Loose Tooth.” Of the many new children’s books on the market, this one is perfect for children that are ready to lose their first tooth or have already lost a tooth. This winning storyline brings the characters to life in a whole new way and gives parents and children a fun way to learn about what to do when a tooth becomes wiggly and wobbly. This book teaches children that losing teeth is natural and exciting, and it gives an interesting twist with the animated imagery and the melodic rhythm of the story.
fancy nancy Fancy Nancy: Our Thanksgiving Banquet: Jane O’Conner has released another addition to the New York Times Bestselling Series “Fancy Nancy.” Our Thanksgiving Banquet is a happy tale of all things to be expected at Thanksgiving?a grand turkey and all the fixings included. In this series of children’s picture books, Fancy Nancy has a fun-filled Thanksgiving that she shares with the whole family. Complete with an activity sheet and stickers, this book is a great addition to any child’s book collection. If you are a fan of the Fancy Nancy series, this is a must have for the holiday season.
the happy book The Happy Book: Written by Diane Muldrow and illustrated by Patti Ann Harris, this delightful little book will leave your kids feeling happy and joyful. Filled with simple pleasures and cute rhymes, “The Happy Book” will be sure to leave your children feeling carefree. This book is great for cheering up your kids when they are feeling out of sorts, and it can help them appreciate the little things in life. Children’s picture books like “The Happy Book” will help you and your children dance through life with a smile on your face. The colorful illustrations help bring life to the happiness in the text. This is the perfect book for a toddler or a young child.
red plane to the rescue Red Plane to the Rescue: In the exciting “Red Plane to the Rescue” written by Melissa Firth and illustrated by Cheryl Orsini, your kids will be able to get a feel for what it’s like to fly high through the sky. This adventurous children’s book will take your imagination through an array of twists, turns, and dips as you fly through the pages. In this book, children are able to understand what it’s like to soar through the sky. All of the actions that the plane takes are described in great detail so kids can really get the sense that they are taking off themselves. The brightly colored illustrations are a wonderful addition to an adventurous book.
mad about minibeasts Mad About Minibeasts: Giles Andraeae has created a wonderfully explosive book that is sure to excite young children. The illustrations are a joy to behold, and the rhymes make this book a delight for all. In “Mad about Minibeasts,” your children will be taken into a world of beetles, butterflies, and other crawling creatures. The flowing rhymes make this a great book to read aloud to your children, and this is especially good for young children that like creepy crawly creatures.
the tiger-skin rug The Tiger-Skin Rug: “The Tiger-Skin Rug” is another brilliant creation by Gerald Rose. It is sure to inspire and delight your children. Another addition to the new children’s books, this is a wonderful story of a lovable tiger enjoying a luxurious life while he pretends to be a rug. At one point, burglars break into the mansion and the tiger has to decide whether to keep his secret or save the family. This is a joyful tale of a tiger’s courage, and it is one of the best children’s books on the shelves today. This is a classic and a must-have for all parents who enjoy the heartfelt story of the tiger.
let’s go baby-o Let’s Go Baby-o: Energetic children and parents alike will love this adventurous tale of a little boy and her cousin planning their day of adventure. In “Let’s Go Baby-o,” Janet McLean has taken a little boy for an adventure that is sure to be memorable. Romping through the garden, dancing, singing, and a jumble of animals working outside the window make this delightful story a great book to be read aloud. The bouncing rhymes make this story unforgettable, and the illustrations add to the enchantment. This book encourages children to find fun things to do and learn about the world all the while having a great time.
the road to goonong The Road to Goonong: In David Cox’s “Road to Goonong,” the illustrations are prolific and inspiring. “The Road to Goonong” is a story about a road that has been traveled by many people but lays forgotten. At the end of this road is Goonong, a farm that beautifully reveals the freedom of farm life and the joy that accompanies it with blue skies blanketing the sprawling grasslands filled with horses and cattle. This is an epic tale for children that will help them learn the wonders of farm life. As a twist, this book also tells of the trials that people faced in the Great Depression. This is a wonderful book with captivating illustrations and an interesting storyline.
the bernstein bears show some respect The Bernstein Bears Show Some Respect: Mike and Jan Bernstein have created another masterpiece in the Bernstein Bears series. In this book, the bears learn that even the best cubs can pick up some very unbecoming habits. In this book, the Sister and Brother are found not showing their parents the respect that they deserve, and Mama and Papa are just as guilty with the way they treat their parents. Gran and Gramps call the family to order and explain how important it is to treat your parents with respect, love, and gratitude.
ten little caterpillars Ten Little Caterpillars: In “Ten Little Caterpillars,” Bill Martin Jr. and Lois Ehlert created a book that will be sure to excite and inspire parents and children alike. In this book, ten little caterpillars set off for an adventure in the great big world, and you never really know what will turn up. To make this story even better, the illustrations have been enhanced with watercolors and gorgeous collages, making it a beautiful book to share with the whole family. In this book, you are not only able to absorb the story as it unfolds, but there are also helpful labels on each page to point out certain fruits, plants, and other insects to help children learn.

These new children’s books are all great choices for your collection, and some of these are destined to be classics. You can uncover some of the best children’s books by exploring some of these children’s picture books at home with your children.

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