Best New Children’s Books for June 2012

Several wonderful children’s books came out in the month of June-be sure to check them out! You can also check out some of the best books of May here-

[Yes, we know we are a little late on this feature, but we have been busy! The August lists and September lists are coming soon.]

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore: The story that inspired the academy award winning short film.

fantastic flying books of mr morris lessmore

Morris Lessmore is a man who loves books. Everyday he writes a book of his own, with his life acting as the plotline. It tells of his happiness and his sorrows, everything he knows and all that he hopes for. But no story goes smoothly forever, and the time comes when Morris Lessmore’s world is turned upside down. A strong wind comes along and blows and blows until all the pages and words of his book are scattered. Unsure of what to do, he begins to wander. It is then that things take an interesting twist, landing him in a library of flying books.

When you read this book, it’s easy to see why it could be translated into an academy award-winning short film. It’s unique, beautifully told, and taps well into readers imaginations.

Dragons Love Tacos: Sometimes random stories are the best.

dragons love tacos by adam rubin

Dragons and tacos, who would have guessed they went together? Turns out, dragons love tacos. This is a book dedicated to sharing this knowledge with everybody-from the must know facts (like dragons hate spicy salsa and it should be avoided at all costs) to proper etiquette when it comes to throwing a taco party for dragons, this book combines two random subject matters that will delight young readers.

A Home For Bird: Another great work by Phillip C. Stead

a home for bird by philip c stead

One day Vernon the toad stumbles upon a bird. Quickly taking to him, he introduces Bird to his friends, and the two go on to spend quality time together. But Vernon is worried about Bird, who just won’t make a peep. When his friends suggest he is homesick, Vernon sets out to find Bird a home.

When you see the cover of this book, you’re going to want to read it. Little ones will love the fact that they know Bird isn’t real, while Vernon has no idea. The happy ending leaves readers in good spirits, and the illustrations…the name Stead speaks for itself.

My Snake Blake: Every kid wants a snake like Blake.

my snake blake

This is a funny twist on the classic ‘a boy and his dog who is his best friend’ theme. When a young boy is “hiding from his homework” his laid-back and somewhat quirky Dad brings him a surprise-a long, green snake. As soon as he is let out of his cage, he does something quite unique-he uses his body to spell out the word hello. When they ask him what his name is, he spells “Blake.” From then on, the boy and Blake are best friends. Blake is there when something is lost, he opens doors, he walks the dog, and he scares off bullies. For any reptile loving kids out there, this would make a lovely story.

Dinosoaring: Who says dinos can’t fly airplanes?

dinosoaring by deb lund

If the cover that shows some dinos weighing down a plane isn’t enough to tip you off, this is quite a humorous book. Readers meet a crew of enormous dinosaurs that are determined to fly a plane, and will do anything to get it off the ground. Where the dinosaurs came from and why they have a plane, who knows and who cares. This rhyming story of ‘dinosoaring’ will be greatly entertaining for young readers.

We want to know…what are some of your/your kids favorite books to come out recently?

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