Best New Children’s Books for July 2012

Summer is a time to be outside and active-but that just makes those warm quiet evenings even more perfect to curl up with a good book to read to your (hopefully) winding down little ones. It’s a good thing then that July, the height of summer, didn’t fall short of providing us with options. See the best new picture books for June here.

[Yes, we know we are a little late on this feature, but we have been busy! The August lists and September lists are coming soon.]

It’s A Tiger!: It’s a What?!

its a tiger by david larochelle

Kids and parents alike will delight in this entertaining picture book that follows the ‘tail’ of a young boy as he repeatedly stumbles upon a most fearsome feline. With unique, almost comic style illustrations, and a lively story written in a more than lively fashion, it’s bound to become a favorite read aloud.

1-2-3 Peas: Sequel to the beloved LMNO Peas.

1-2-3 peas by keith baker

The fact that author Keith Baker can take a subject matter like peas and turn it into a joyful, well-loved childrens book is an impressive feat. A delightful addition to his bestseller LMNO Peas, 1-2-3 Peas is a bubbly counting book that will have kids begging for another helping by the end.

Jack and the Baked Beanstalk: A new take on a classic story.

jack and the baked beanstalk by colin stimpson

We all know how tough the economy is- but if your business was failing, would you accept something that a stranger claimed to be magical, much less, baked beans? Probably not, but that’s exactly what young Jack does in this humorous fractured fairy tale, and it turns out that there might be more magic and more hope in this world then we think.

Wumbers: Blending tongue twisters with brain teasers.

wumbers by amy krouse rosenthal

A funny little book, Wumbers is entirely made up of one page scenarios that are written in words and in numbers. It creates a totally new reading dynamic, blending tongue twisters and brain teasers all into one experience. It’s certainly fascin8ing 4 little ones 2 read this book out loud-and definitely entertaining for adults!

Other New Children’s Books

Day By Day: This sweet book gives us a generous helping of old-fashioned friendliness. It centers around a tight knit community of hard-working pigs, who through love and kindness help each other do tasks like building a home, planting a garden, helping their neighbors, and gathering the harvest. It’s a lovely tale that passes on a good, solid, message to our children about the importance of helping out in communities.

Bow Wow Wiggle Waggle: Ah, there’s nothing like the adventures that a boy and his faithful dog embark upon! What starts out as a regular old game of fetch quickly turns into an entertaining escapade that will hook young readers attention. Delightful detailed water color illustrations and rhyming words round this story out as an absolutely lovely read.

Rocket Writes A Story: Writers are readers and vice versa-and one good way to inspire young readers and writers alike is a story about a determined, adorable little dog. In this sequel to Rocket Learns To Read, our fuzzy little protagonist becomes gripped by the idea to write his own book. But the problem is… how does he come up with a story?

There Was An old Lady Who Swallowed Some Books!: New takes on old classics are always fun, and this one is no exception. A fun read for the first day of school, this rhyming book is a version of an old song, except instead of a fly, this is eccentric old lady is so excited for the first day back she swallows books!

The Fo’C’Sle: Many adults have read Henry Beston’s stunning work The Outermost House, which recounts a year of his life as he spent it in a small shack overlooking the pounding surf of the Atlantic. It’s a gorgeous depiction of his experience there, and now with The Fo’C’Sle we have a re-written version for younger readers.

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