Best Children’s Books of 2010

Some of the greatest titles for kids this past year are well worth a trip to your local bookstore. Expect everything from bold illustrations to sweet stories.

art & max Art & Max: David Weisner is a three time winner of the Caldecott medal, so it’s no surprise that this title is one of the top children’s books 2010 can offer. Two lizards, one an artist and one who wants to be an artist, come together in a story that explores the magic of creativity and the means to make something special. Done with brilliant colors and amazing detail, the two go through various artistic mediums, such as watercolors, line drawings, acrylic paints, and more change and flow through the pages. There is little text, and kids will mostly be interested in the amazing pictures that Weisner offers.
olivia goes to venice Olivia Goes to Venice: Everyone’s favorite pig is back – only this time she’s gone to Italy! She’s convinced her family to go, and that gives Ian Falconer a chance to bring out plenty of adventures for kids to explore with her! They wander over many bridges, see the palazzos over the Grand Canal, feed the pigeons, and more. Of course, it wouldn’t be a trip to Italy without gobbling up some gelato and riding a gondola (although their combined weight almost sinks the boat!). For fan favorites as well as newcomers to these books, it’s a great tale that won’t be soon forgotten.
the quiet book The Quiet Book: One of the best children’s books 2010 is all about the different types of quiet. Who knew there were so many different kinds? That it could be thundering or sweet and cozy? Deborah Underwood and illustrator Renata Liwska present their story with several different animals, such as a mouse and a hedgehog, showing them coloring in coloring books, playing hide and seek, and reading books. It’s the perfect story to read at night when eyes aren’t quite as sleepy as they need to be. But hearing about all the types of silence will help lull little ones to sleep with happy dreams.
city dog, country frog City Dog, Country Frog: A frog sitting atop a dog’s head? Who can resist such a fun cover? With two renowned names in children’s books – Jon Muth and Mo Willems – a story about an unlikely friendship comes to life in the best way. A dog befriends a frog while exploring the countryside for the first time. He returns every season, but when winter comes, his friend is nowhere to be found. So he befriends another creature, but never forgets about his first friend. A story that has a little bit of everything, including loss, remains upbeat and beautifully illustrated throughout.
a bedtime for bear A Bedtime for Bear: Kids who remember A Visitor for Bear will be thrilled to see that Bonny Becker and Kady MacDonald Denton have brought them yet another delightful story featuring Mouse and Bear. At first, when Mouse comes over to spend the night, his friend isn’t too excited about the idea. After all, he needs absolute quiet to sleep – something Mouse doesn’t seem very able to do with all his goodnights and teeth brushing and so on. But when he hears a strange sound, he’s happy that Mouse is there to look under the bed and make sure all is well. Artwork is full of life and kids will giggle at every page.
brontorina Brontorina: One of the best children’s books 2010 has to offer utilizes a fun idea kids haven’t seen before. What do you get when you take a brontosaurus (or more accurately, Apatosaurus) that wants to be a ballerina? You get a lot of fun, all courtesy of James Howe and Randy Cecil. This particular dinosaur appears on the steps of a dance academy one day. They take her on, but there are a few concerns. How is she supposed to fit into ballet shoes? How will she even get into the dance studio? And how on earth is her poor dance partner supposed to catch her when he’s so tiny?
ladybug girl at the beach Ladybug Girl at the Beach: Watch Lulu fly with her red and black spotted wings! Doggie at her side and fun waiting to happen, it’s time for a visit to the beach, and all the good things that entails! Jacky Davis and David Soman know how to make a story that kids will absolutely love. Some of the illustrations are downright stunning, such as the full two-page spread of Lulu and her dog standing in front of a giant ocean wave. Lulu has high expectations for the beach, but when she sees that wave, the ocean seems like a scary place. Will she ever be brave enough to hop into the water and have a good time?
of thee i sing: a letter to my daughters Of Thee I Sing: A Letter to My Daughters: President Barack Obama delivers a sweet little message to his daughters – and to children everywhere. Illustrated by the renowned Loren Long in bright colors, this title showcases 13 American icons that children can aspire to be like, all of them known for their different virtues, such as Abraham Lincoln and Georgia O’Keefe embodying things such as courage and creativity. Each page is filled with one of these role models in stunning design while in the white space opposite, a group of small children step up to observe the past. It’s a positive story that puts it as one of the top children’s books 2010.
three little kittens Three Little Kittens: One of the best children’s books 2010 has is a throwback to the old Mother Goose rhymes, showing that some good things simply don’t change. Paul Galdone takes on this tale with his own style, using large type on the pages and vibrantly colored cats with adorable expressions. Galdone uses watercolor washes over ink sketches for fantastic results. From the moment these little cats lose their mittens to the moment they find them again, kids will take their time to look at the fun details. Parents will remember this rhyme from childhood and have an equally good time reading this.
dog loves books Dog Loves Books: Dog opens up his own bookstore, but when no one comes in, he remembers what he loves best – books! This is the sort of story that will have kids shouting, “Yay!” It’s fun, colorful, and chipper. The little dog is absolutely adorable with his perky little ears and great expressions. Kids who love books will know exactly what dog experiences when he reads them and falls right into the story. Kids just getting into books will soon discover the magic that they hold. It’s a simple story that kids can either read for themselves or have parents read for them.

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