21 Children’s Books Celebrating Dads

Moms are often the ones in the limelight, but with Fathers Day coming up, we wanted to do a list of children’s books that celebrated Dad’s and the oh so important role they play in our lives, and our children’s lives.

Guess How Much I Love You: A classic book about loving Dads

guess how much i love you

This is a truly classic children’s book about the love between a father and his child. In it, Little Nutbrown Hare is determined to show his Dad just how much he loves him-but Big Nutbrown Hare can hop higher, or stretch his arms wider, to show just how much more he loves his son. No matter thinks Little Nutbrown Hare before finally saying “I love you all the way to the moon.” That can’t be beaten, can it? With a sweet and touching end, it turns out that it can be.

Papa, Please Get The Moon For Me: Dad’s will do anything for their kids, won’t they?

papa please get the moon for me

When I first saw the title of this book, I had to smile. One thing that really defines my Dad is the fact that he would do just about anything to make his daughters happy-even if that meant getting the moon.

With wonderful unfolding illustrations, this book tells the tale of a father who sets out to get the moon for his child-but the moon turns out to be too big to carry home. The solution to the problem is a lovely, joyous surprise for readers.

We’re Going On A Bear Hunt: A wonderful read aloud book

we're going on a bear hunt

Dad’s are wonderful adventure buddies-a fact exemplified in ‘We’re Going On A Bear Hunt.” In the book, a group of kids and their Dad go on a bear hunt. They tramp through mud, wade through rivers, and go through all sorts of environmental hazards to find their fuzzy foe. Lovely rhyme makes this an easy read aloud.

Tyrannosaurus Dad: A dino for your Dad? Why not!

tyrannosaurus dad

Dad’s come in all shapes and sizes. In this book they do, in fact, come in the shape of a T-Rex. This is a sweet poignant tale about a little boy who is always trying to get his father to pay attention-a plight that pays off when he decides to show up at the baseball game and be the umpire. Nobody’s going to mess with a T-Rex’s orders, are they?

Just Me And My Dad: Less text can be more in a rich, endearing story

just me and my dad

Despite being somewhat sparse in text, Just Me And My Dad is a touching story about Little Critter and his Dad’s camping trip together. Of course on a camping trip there are bound to be mishaps, and this one is no exception. Despite a few setbacks, father and son still enjoy their time together. Mercer Mayers familiar illustrations fill each page cover to cover.

Mitchell’s License: A book about one highly fueled kid and his patient father

mitchell's license

He may be only 4 years old, but Mitchell can drive-kind of. Being obsessed with all things automobile, he is never so happy as when he’s behind the wheel, that is, on his obliging Dad’s shoulders. Full of energy, this book exemplifies the things Dad’s will do to make their kids happy.

I was sort of like Mitchell when I was small….except instead of pretending to drive I pretended to be a sack of potatoes and made my dad carry me around in a sleeping bag. Oh the things they do for us…

Knuffle Bunny: Mom’s occasionally need to step in…

knuffle bunny

Despite their good intentions, sometimes Dad’s don’t always do things right. Little Trixie finds this out the hard way when she accompanies her Dad to the Laundromat. Without knowing it, he throws her favorite stuffed bunny in the washing machine. Her baby talk doesn’t mean a whole lot to her Dad, but when they get home a perceptive mother is able to tell what is wrong instantly. With wonderfully odd illustrations this humorous book is bound to get laughs from both children and adults.

Can’t You Sleep, Little Bear?: Being brave in the dark is a whole lot easier with a Dad

can't you sleep little bear

Coziness at its best, this story is set in a winter woodland and revolves around two extremely lovable characters-Big Bear and his son, Little Bear. After a long day of playing in the snow, the two of them go back to the Bear Cave. Little Bear is tucked into a snuggly bed in a dark corner of the cave, whilst his father retires to the fireplace to read. When Little Bear can’t sleep, Big Bear patiently carries over ever-larger lanterns until finally his son is satisfied and drifts off.

I Love My Daddy!: A day in the life of a Papa bear

i love my daddy

This book celebrates the bond between father and child by going about a day in the life of a bear and his bear cub. Its simple wording and charming illustrations weave together to create a story that is meant to be held close to you’re a heart- it’s a precious read for any father and his child.

Owl Moon: A story about the amazing moments we have with Dad

owl moon

Beautifully written and filled with spectacular illustrations, Owl Moon is book that captures readers from the moment they open it. It centers around a young girl and her father as he takes her ‘owling’ for the first time. Tramping through drifts of white snow and tall dark pines the two of them wait patiently to see an owl, with the little girl narrating the whole time. Her narration, plus the illustrations, capture the essence of those special moments we have with our parents growing up.

Oh, Daddy!: A testament to Dads everywhere

oh daddy

Sometimes, kids just know better than us adults do-or so they seem to think. A young hippo certainly does, and he has to go about helping his father do everything, which results in an exasperated “oh, Daddy!” every time. Dad good naturedly humors his son and pretends to not know how to do anything-including eating his carrots properly and getting dressed. The thickly outlined cartoon blue hippos are illustrated fantastically and add another great layer to an already exceptionally entertaining book.

The Day I Swapped My Dad For Two Goldfish: A book about not taking your dad for granted

the day i swapped my dad for two goldfish

The trouble all starts when Nathan comes over with two goldfish. The little boy of the house asks Nathan if he’ll swap them for something. After a series of offers, Nathan decides he doesn’t want anything boy and his little sister have-take that back-he’ll have their Dad. Truly hilarious and filled with unique illustrations, this book is a pleasure to read.

On Our Way Home: A heartfelt tale about a bear and his cub

on our way home

On Our Way Home is lovely bedtime story about all the wonderful things that happen on a bear and his cubs’ walk home. They admire the golden leaves, the giant setting sun, and the stars popping out in the night sky. When they get home, Papa bear tucks his cub in nice and snug and puts him to bed. It makes a warm and cozy bedtime read, and does a wonderful job of celebrating Dads.

Don’t Forget, God Bless Our Troops: Encouraging support for military families everywhere

don't forget god bless our troops

When a Dad has to go overseas, the first thing his daughter asks is “Does Daddy really have to go?” From that moment on the story is told from the child’s point of view on deployment. It is touching, honest, and wisely done-focusing on hardships that happen in most families, and leaving out truly difficult scenes such as goodbyes or the possibility of injury/death. Biden has turned her own family experiences into a book that many will reach for when they’re faced with difficult times spent away from a family members overseas.

Papa, Do You Love Me?: A rich and culturally enlightening story

papa do you love me

Do you love me? It’s a question that is often posed to parents when their little ones reach a certain age. Whether asked in seriousness or in play, it’s a hard thing to answer. In this book, stylized, bright watercolors enhance the beautiful story of a Maasai father who answers his sons question by showing him how he cares for him every day in the way of their people.

Because Your Daddy Loves You: A great example of a Dads patience

because your daddy loves you

Days at the beach with kids can sometimes be intense, to say the least. There’s always some minor mishap (a lost shoe, a dripping ice cream cone) and both kids and parents get frustrated. In ‘Because Your Daddy Loves You’, a dad lovingly and patiently helps his daughter through each “traumatic” event that takes place during their time at the beach-a testament to how much he cares her.

My Dad: Dad’s can do anything, can’t they?

my dad

In Anthony Brownes “My Dad” a little boy goes about showing all the amazing stuff his dad can do (with quite a bit of exaggeration.) He’s hardly scared of anything (not even the Big Bad Wolf), he has next to pro wrestling skills, and he can literally eat a horse. The book carries the ultimate message of “my dad loves me, he always will, and you know what? I love him too.”

Froggy’s Day With Dad: Who says Dads decide what happens on Fathers Day?

froggy's day with dad

This book is a charming homage to dads everywhere. In it, Froggy can’t wait for Fathers Day. When it finally rolls around, he declares to his Dad they’re going to play golf. His Dad tells him he is too small for regular golf-but perfect for miniature golf instead. So ensues a Fathers Day filled with a number of silly mishaps, but a happy, satisfying ending.

Daddy Kisses: What’s better than a book about baby animals and their dads?

daddy kisses

It may be a simple board book, but its heartfelt and sweet. Adorable baby animals are illustrated snuggling up to their dads throughout the chunky pages making it a read that’s sure to inspire more than a few kisses and cuddles when it’s being read aloud.

Me And My Dad: A spirited, lively tale about the bond between dads and their little ones

me and my dad

Yet another book about dads that has a Papa bear in it, Me and My Dad is all about Little Bear and the day he and his dad spend together having a multitude of wonderful experiences. They explore mountains, play in the rain, and tell each other stories as the stars begin to peek out. It accurately captures the essence of the bond between a dad and his child with humor and sweet illustrations.

What Dads Can’t Do: A refreshing and humorous tale about ‘incapability’s’ of dads

what dads can't do

An apparently single father and his son (both green dinosaurs in human clothes) like to share insight about everything-especially the son – who enjoys pointing out all the things that dads can’t do (they can’t throw baseballs very far, they can’t cross streets without holding hands.) It’s a tongue-in-cheek tale that’s bound to extracts laughter and nods of agreement from all who read it.

children's books about dadsGrowing up, I was much closer to my Dad than my Mom. He was the one I went to for advice, for laughs, and for comfort. Being a girl as I transitioned into my teens this changed a little bit, but he and I still remained quite close. He’s been an incredible pillar of support, and I wouldn’t be who I am, where I am, without him. I know that he, and Dad’s everywhere, are more than deserving of a day dedicated to acknowledging all the things they do for us, and what better way to do so than to read a book together?

Books can put words to the things we sometimes can’t express-how much we love someone, how much we enjoy spending time with them, how special our ‘special moments’ truly are-so this Fathers Day grab a book, grab a Dad, and spend time letting them know just how important they really are.

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