Where the Giants Sleep

Where do the creatures from fairy tales sleep? Well-known children’s books author Mem Fox decided to take on the task of figuring that out when she created a sleepy-time tale which explains to everybody where all of the creatures that you read about in fairy tale stories get their rest. The story is beautifully illustrated by Vladimir Radunsky and is destined to become the favorite bedtime or naptime book in any household.

The tale of Where the Giants Sleep is a simple book that is much like some of Fox’s other night time books, which is designed to help children to fall asleep easily. This tale, however, is about all sorts of fairy tale creatures and what they do when they go to sleep. For instance, did you know that witches sleep in a house, while goblins hug teddy bears as they sleep in a haystack? That dragons take their rest snoring on top of a lighthouse and that ogres even sleep? In fact, the young child who is in bed at night and who is looking through the telescope at all of these creatures finds that all of the fairy tale creatures are sleeping – all except the elves who are awake and sewing to make a quilt of moon and stars in order to wrap up everyone in the night time hours.

There are two beautiful parts of Where the Giants Sleep. The first is the wonderful words written by author Mem Fox. The words are very soothing and have just enough of a rhyme scheme to keep children interested and to make it something that they look forward to hearing. The illustrations by Vladimir Radunsky are beautiful and dreamy and are created in such a way that even parents will enjoy looking at the pages over and over again, making repeat readings something that is not a chore but that is truly enjoyable. The tale of Where the Giants Sleep is a perfect bedtime story to read every night of the week, and is one that can be enjoyed by children and by parents together.

Where the Giants Sleep


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