Where Is Baby’s Valentine?

Author and illustrator Karen Katz says she’s always been fascinated by babies and little kids because the simplest gestures and words can make them laugh. That may be why she began writing children’s books. Since her first work was published

in 1997, Karen Katz has written nearly two dozen books, many of which were award-winning. Her titles include Over the Moon: An Adoption Tale, Where is Baby’s Belly Button?, Grandpa and Me, and Twelve Hats for Lena: A Book of Months. One of the readers’ favorites is a lift-a-flap book called Where is Baby’s Valentine?

In that book, the main character, a baby, made a special Valentine for her mommy but somehow lost it. She looks everywhere for this special gift but can’t find it. She looks behind the lamp only to find sparkling flowers. Then she looks for it behind a chair, but the thing peeking out isn’t her Valentine. It’s a bunch of shiny balloons. The baby continues to look for her mother’s gift in the cupboard, under a pillow, and underneath a blanket. The search continues in the baby’s own room. The three-page spread reveals the large red, glittery heart from the cover, just in time for the holiday.

Where is Baby’s Valentine? is vintage Karen Katz. It has big flaps to be lifted by your young readers, but this board book has a little something extra. Starting on the book’s cover, there are glittery illustrations. It’s a great book for toddlers up to 4 years of age to get involved in helping baby find her mommy’s special gift. And the book is so sturdy that it can take much abuse from your little innocent ones.

Where is Baby’s Valentine? is a perfect addition to Karen Katz’s collection of books geared for those readers who can’t yet read. Kids will love this book because they can

help mom and dad read. And the hunt for the very special gift will intrigue your youngsters. Don’t be surprised if you get lot of reading requests. So go ahead cheapest prednisone and read it as many times as your little one wants. That’s what the sturdy book was built for!

Where Is Baby’s Valentine?

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