The Valentine Bears

Eve Bunting weaves a story like seamstresses make a quilt. The magical worlds that words create have been most

important to the Northern Ireland native. Storytelling is a tradition where she grew up. She has written more than 200 children’s books for readers as young as 1 or 2 to teenagers. Among many of her popular books that have earned her the reputation of being a premier author is a silly book about Valentine’s Day called The Valentine Bears.

There’s a surprise in store for Mr. Bear by Mrs. Bear on this holiday, one the couple never celebrated before. They always missed it because of their hibernating

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schedule. See, bears hibernate all winter long. This year is different, decides Mrs. Bear. She gathers all kinds of goodies for Mr. Bear while he sleeps. She makes a sign, makes a fest of dried bugs and honey, and writes two love poems. All this work and there may not be a holiday celebration after all. Mr. Bear might sleep right through it. That is, until Mrs. Bear grabs some ice water. Lucky for Mr. Bear, he wakes up just before he’s doused with the freezing liquid and gets to see all the work his adoring wife has done to make their first Valentine’s Day a special one, which they do before going back to slumber.

In The Valentine Bears, Eve Bunting teams up with award-winning illustrator Jan Brett to create a world unknown by most humans – the world of the hibernating bear. The artist’s black-and-white illustrations are full of detailed winter scenes with simple touches of red befitting the holiday. And Eve Bunting’s warm-hearting classic words are complemented by Jan Brett’s creative drawings, which are unlike most children’s stories on the shelves.

The story of the bear couple is a great addition to the stacks of Valentine’s Day stories. The Valentine Bears is a wonderful read on the big day, whether it’s during a daytime reading program or just before bed. Just make sure you prepare yourself for multiple readings. You’ll want to make this a traditional reading each year. This is one book your kids will hold dear their entire lives.

The Valentine Bears


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