The Night Before Valentine’s Day

Within six months of starting to write her first children’s book, Natasha Wing sold it and has been writing for a young set of readers ever since. Soon, she’s become known as an acclaimed author who writes books focused on helping kids prepare for big holidays and other events in their lives, such as The Night Before Easter, The Night Before Kindergarten, The Night Before Thanksgiving, and so on. This series is based on the famous poem written about Christmas Eve. Natasha Wing continues the Night Before line with a story about Valentine’s Day.

Like other books in the series, Natasha Wing decided to write The Night Before Valentine’s Day as a way to help parents prepare for the next school day that promises to be filled with games, candy, and parties. What do kids do the night before Valentine’s Day? They have out their scissors and glue to make valentines for their classmates. They cut out red, white, and pink hearts and decorate them with glitter and bows. And at school the next day, appropriate colors hang from the ceilings and the walls by banners and other decorations. Plus, there are balloons – plenty of balloons to make the classroom a festive place. In this story, the teacher receives a bouquet of flowers from her anonymous admirer and her students exchange cards, play games, and party. The principal even joins in the fun. He plays the part of Cupid and leaves a furry little friend with the kids before he scuttles away.

Heidi Petach illustrates the story wonderfully. Her use of vibrant colors brings the story to life and enhances Natasha

Wing’s words. Readers will enjoy these original illustrations because they are adorable and skillful.

By reading this book, children ages 4 to 8 will have an outlet for their excitement of what the holiday brings. They may be inspired to make their own valentines for classmates or maybe they will decide to be the teacher’s secret admirer. You never know. But anyone who hasn’t read the acclaimed author’s work before, they will be in for a real treat. Her witty style is sure to engage her young readers. Read it during the day or just before bed. Maybe it’ll inspire some sweet dreams.

The Night Before Valentine’s Day


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