St. Patrick’s Day in the Morning

Storytelling is a longstanding tradition in the world in which Eve Bunting grew up, so the magical powers of words have been very important to the acclaimed author. She writes every day on about anything and everything that she finds interesting. Many of her writings have been turned into childrens books – more than 200 wildly popular books on which she has built a strong career. She has a way to delicately discuss social issues, like what she explores in St. Patrick’s Day in the Morning.

Readers will follow a boy named Jamie who wants to prove that he’s anything but too young to march in the big St. Paddy’s Day parade. The story is set in a little Irish village. Jamie, the main character, is the youngest kid in his family. He’s told that he’s too young to join in the annual parade, that he was too small to make it up Acorn Hill. But is he? The disappointed boy wakes up early and, with his trusty flute, sets out to prove that he’s too small for the celebration. He marches through the village in a parade of

his own, making music, and walking all the way up to Acorn Hill, proving to himself that he is big enough to join in the celebration.

Eve Bunting’s warm style of writing captures the sounds and sights of Jamie’s early morning adventure. Complementing her heart-warming story are the beautiful On pourrait dire meme que les confirment le nouveau style de vie que les critiques les plus dures attribuent aux Americains: une modalite de vivre qui encourage toute «   » a ecarter la communication humaine directe. illustrations done by skilled artist Jan Brett. The detailed pen-and-ink drawings throughout St. Patrick’s Day in the Morning are filled with shades of yellow and green. They’re definitely different from most of the cartoonish

books written about the Irish holiday.

This 32-page tale of an ambitious youngster will be a favorite of the 5- to 8-year-old persuasion. Kids

will love that Jamie beat the odds by making it all the way up Acorn Hill when others, including his family told him he couldn’t do it. This is a satisfying, albeit simple read, making St. Patrick’s Day in the Morning a perfect message for your littlest leprechauns one of the most important holidays in Ireland. But you don’t have to be Irish to enjoy this tale.

St. Patrick’s Day in the Morning


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