St. Patrick’s Day Alphabet

Beverly Barras Vidrine is building a strong career in writing picture books for grade school-aged children. She’s started that career with a great series of books that explores many different holidays and events. Some of her titles include: Thanksgi

ving Day Alphabet, Mardi Gras Dictionary, Halloween Alphabet, Easter Day Alphabet, and this choice.

Like others in the series, the latter children’s book presents a letter in the alphabet and defines it as it relates to Saint Patrick or the holiday that bears his name. For example, E is for Everybody is Irish, a popular saying on St. Patrick’s Day. “A” stands for accordion, “the Irish squeezebox used to play dance music” during these annual celebrations, according to the book. “G” is for the “green-ness” of the Emerald Isle. “M” is

for March 17 – the day Saint Patrick is honored. “O” is for the oak that shillelaghs, or walking sticks, are made of and “H” is for harp, a symbol of Ireland. From Druids to Yeats, learn about the history of the celebration as well as all the customs and traditions that make this a truly unique holiday. Learn why the shamrock is such a big deal or which Irish poet features Saint Patrick in one of his most famous poems. All of these questions and many more are answered in turn. This book introduces aspects of the past and present Irish culture.

The vividly green illustrations created by Patrick Soper capture children’s imaginations with the little leprechauns and traditional font of the Irish alphabet. The objects used to represent the letters are very creative.

Although St. Patrick’s Day Alphabet is written to appeal to

children between 5 and 8 years old, parents will love the information Beverly Barras Vidrine imparts in this fun book that gives lessons from A to Z. Through witty words and creative illustrations, the author and artist reminds people that the holiday is an all-inclusive holiday. This 24-page book is a great

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read for your holiday celebrations at school or for everyday reading throughout the year. Your kids will love learning all about this wonderfully joyous occasion no matter what time of year it is!

St. Patrick’s Day Alphabet


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