Laura and the Leprechauns

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An up-and-comer on the picture books scene is a Californian author and illustrator who goes by the name Amber T. Kingston. She owns Chrysalis Press, a publishing company that produces books for toddlers to teenagers and young adults. Writing

creative literature has always been a passion for Amber Kingston since she was a kid herself. Her company’s latest release, Laura and the Leprechaun, is a prestigious award-winning story about a girl named Laura. It’s not a bad start for a unique woman who has mastered the written word as well as the illustrative arts.

Laura has always believed in leprechauns, those mythical creatures that don green suits and top hats who protect their pots of gold from being stolen by gold seekers who follow the rainbow to its end. She believed in these beings until one of her friends told her she was wrong and that the little creatures don’t exist. She’s not ready to accept that answer. She has to find out for herself so she writes to the wee folks. Then, two tiny little ones stop by to visit her and on St. Patrick’s Day to boot! So she was right after all! This is one Irish holiday that the title character won’t soon forget.

The author/illustrator creates a mystical world of mischievous, albeit clever leprechauns who, after she summons them, bring her into a once-in-a-lifetime fantasy. Readers will be captivated by the bright artwork right from the

first page. Amber Kingston also uses glitter on many of the pages and puts her illustrations over photographs in a unique way that captures readers’ imaginations. Her charming illustrations enhance the story and bring to life the enchanted story of Laura and the Leprechaun.

Amber Kingston creates a truly magical world for which you don’t have to rent The Wizard of Oz or Peter Pan to find. Her 32-page tale about this girl and her little friends is a must read for kids between the ages of 5 and 8. The simple-to-understand text and beautiful illustrations will make this book a favorite among those who read it, the

perfect story to read on St. Patrick’s Day whether you’re Irish or not.

Laura and the Leprechauns


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